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Maison Matisse

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Maison Matisse

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About us

Maison Matisse owes its name and creation to Henri Matisse. It was founded by the fourth generation of the artist's family and showcases his universe through objects created by up-and-coming or renowned contemporary designers.

Shapes, colors, compositions: every piece celebrates the esthetic language of an artist whose vision never ages. A poetic and unique vision that Maison Matisse wants to keep alive in an exciting way. By interpreting his work without copying it and supporting current design.

Maison Matisse strives to convey Henri Matisse's values with quality expertise and a sense of community. The artist's joyful confidence and legendary optimism. The spirit that brought his world to life and should continue to do so. To better share the emotions and spirit of a painter who never shied away from the daring of joy. The mission is still current and the story lives on.

The artist Henri Matisse sketching

Archives Henri Matisse
© Droits réservés.

Maison Matisse

His open-mindedness, lack of dogmatism, tireless talent for innovation, understanding of color and layout to spark emotion make Henri Matisse a never-ending source of inspiration for artists around the world.

His legacy continues to feed into contemporary design and visual culture.

floral ceramic designer vase


The unshackled and bold Maison Matisse collections hope to inspire the painter's beloved optimism. They are discerning, creative and celebrate unique expertise. They are timeless, unaffected by trends and can be passed on from one generation to the next.

There are two collections. Objects inspired by Henri Matisse's paintings and true to his artistic vocabulary designed to express his different worlds their way. Limited-edition series of objects created by renowned designers for milestone events in the artist's life inspired by features in the work of Henri Matisse.

Collections that make a whole with meaning and emotion. Like Henri Matisse's work. As well as two ways to keep the same universal outlook with boldness and simplicity. And the values of an artist who, like homeware objects, transcends time.

Painting by Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse, La Gerbe (1953).
Los Angeles County Museum (LACMA)
© Succession H. Matisse.

Share the optimism

Maison Matisse shares the same values as Henri Matisse. Starting with joie de vivre. An optimistic vision that Maison Matisse wants to pass onto new generations to better imagine a wholeheartedly positive future together and keep our capacity for wonder at the world intact through this ode to life.

Maison Matisse also wants to share this thirst for serenity alongside contemporary designers and artisans. They have come from all over the world to keep Henri Matisse's spirit alive with the same demand and drive for universal wonder. The future-forward Maison Matisse believes that a life without optimism is a life not lived to the full.

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