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Maison Matisse

Echoing the artist’s stroke, the collection is made entirely by hand, calling upon one of the oldest artisanal manufactories in Italy (a family-run business founded in Tuscany in 1921).

Poured into molds and then removed, the pieces first undergo two firings, allowing the design to be applied to the biscuit between these two steps, following the spolvero technique.

The decor is then painted, with the exception of the dessert plates that are engraved using a pen with a metal tip. The second firing thus fixes the colors, before the third which sets the matte enamel. A result of the handiwork that has ensured artisanal quality for centuries, this meticulous process is what makes these pieces valuable and expresses their intrinsic worth. It leaves a trace of the movement of the hand that transforms each object into a unique piece.

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