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The most beautiful floral arrangement can only be highlighted in a vase whose style and design will make the difference in an interior decoration. Opting for a designer vase is therefore an opportunity to opt for a decorative object that will not leave anyone indifferent. The designer vase can host your flowers, but also be enough to give a touch of color to a space for example. Discover the creations of our designers to find the designer vase that suits you!

The designer vase, your decoration ally

The designer vase is much more than a simple container for your flowers since it is a real decorative asset that allows you to assert the style of your interior decoration as well as your personality. It can be part of a composition of different decorative objects that will enhance each other, but also be placed in the center of a table to draw the eye to the designer vase chosen. This type of object can make all the difference in a living room as well as in a bedroom for example because it is very often the presence of a designer creation and moreover in limited version that will allow to create the desired decoration. 
The designer vase is therefore a real ally of decoration for those who wish to give personality to their interior while opting for an object easy to position and reposition in a room. Each new floral composition associated with the chosen designer vase will also be an opportunity to create a brand new association in order to vary the pleasures in its decoration. More than a container, the vase is a decorative object that can bring color, shapes, originality or even highlight a piece of furniture depending on the model chosen. It is a decorative element that will easily find its place in an interior to create the desired style of decoration, but also to mark the spirits.

How to choose your vase well?

The designer vase is an unusual object that can be very easily associated with its furniture and other decorative objects. To attract the eye and highlight a space in the center of which will be positioned his vase, we can opt for a very colorful model with a strong presence as for example the vase Aeromaticolor by Jaime Hayon that can be found in limited edition of 8 copies. This type of piece gives personality to a decoration and makes a lasting impression. The chosen designer vase can also be combined with other decorative objects to create a real composition with a resonance from one object to another. 
To create the desired atmosphere, we can for example opt for the September vase by Cristina Celestino that we offer in two sizes and two colors that can be associated together. Opting for a piece that appeals is also a very good way to give style to your decoration by opting, for example, for the solo, duo or trio window vase by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, also available in limited edition. This type of object can also enhance a space that lacks color and style. For example, you could opt for the Bouteille Sol vase by Marta Bakowski. The different models created by our designers will be the opportunity to find the vase that corresponds to your desires as well as to the style of decoration that you want to achieve. It will be able to take place in your interior and be associated with a bouquet of flowers.