Jaime Hayon vase in earthenware Graphnight


Jaime Hayon

Graphnight Vase

The Graphnight vase is the result of Jaime Hayon joining forces with Maison Matisse
and is a tribute by the Spanish designer Jaime Hayon to Henri Matisse's work.

The designs on the vase's black background bring to mind the Mediterranean landscapes
which inspired Henri Matisse and inspire the Spanish designer.
The vase's shape is reminiscent of Etruscan and Roman amphoras
like the one portrayed in the painting Interior with an Etruscan Vase by Henri Matisse.
Jaime Hayon has turned the silhouettes and natural features into
fantasy elements that "melt together and float in a sea of color".

Made entirely by hand at the Bosa Trade studio in Venice,
it took 15 hours of work to make the Graphnight vase and 18 hours in the kiln.
The Graphnight vase has been produced in a series of eight and four artist's proofs
each piece is signed and numbered by Jaime Hayon and Maison Matisse.

Graphnight Vase

Jaime Hayon

Graphnight Vase

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Additional information

Designer: Jaime Hayon
Dimensions: Height: 48 cm (19 in.) | Width: 48 cm (19 in.)
Weight: 4 kg
Materials: earthenware
Techniques used: casting, decalcomania
Manufacture: handcrafted, in Italy by Bosa Trade

Hayon vase inspired by Henri Matisse for Maison Matisse
Designer vase by Jaime Hayon inspired by Henri Matisse

Why Graphnight?

Jaime Hayon wanted to pay tribute to the Mediterranean. In his inspiration text, Jaime Hayon highlights the importance of the Mediterranean in his work: "The main thing I feel I share with Matisse is a passion for the Mediterranean: nature, the sea, imagination and the ability to dream."

Details of Jaime Hayon's vase Graphnight
Design vase by Jaime Hayon for Maison Matisse: Graphnight
Designer vases by Hayon: Graphnight, Oceanographic and Aeromaticolor

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