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Architectural project: our Canon and Harmonie bottles


Architectural project: our Canon and Harmonie bottles.
© Photographer: Agathe Tissier
© Architect: Adeline Hémonnot

Interior designer Adeline Hémonnot was given carte blanche to create this 18 square meter Parisian studio, choosing to play with colors, materials and symmetry of volumes to create an original and colorful universe.

The choice to bring colors by punctual and spontaneous touches is part of a will to create a joyful and warm space, in which it is good to live.

The architect selected two bottles from our La Musique collection, the Canon and Harmonie bottles, created in collaboration with the French-Polish designer Marta Bakowski. Thus, placed in the foreground on the living room shelves, our ceramic bottles come to life in front of a deep blue wall, a color so dear to Henri Matisse.

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Harmonie bottle

Canon bottle


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