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Cinématisse Exhibition

The Cinématisse Exhibition is running from September 19 to January 5, 2020 and explores the powerful ties
binding Henri Matisse and cinema at the Matisse Museum in Nice.


Presented as part of the city's Art Biennial and Nice 2019 program: the Odyssey of Cinema brings together over 83 of the artist's pieces and a myriad of film excerpts. But most importantly, it explores how the painter's love of film quickly became part of his work and pushed it further.

Cinématisse is a visual voyage that splits its 5382ft2 journey into three stages. The first, « Matisse aime le cinéma » (Matisse loves the cinema), reveals the ties between the painter - a regular at Nice's cinemas from 1917 - with the world of motion pictures. His passion took on a new dimension after meeting the famous German director Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau on the set of Tabu in Tahiti in 1830.

The second chapter of the exhibition, « Matisse Film(e) » presents Matisse's work, partly based on movement and metamorphosis, alongside the work of modern masters of cinema such as Jean Epstein and Jean Renoir. A dialogue enhanced by the display of thirteen photographs portraying the transitional stages of Pink Nude Seated dated 1935, a painting that became a moving piece.

The final part of the exhibition, « Matisse aimé par le cinéma » (Matisse, loved by the cinema) depicts how Henri Matisse's work inspired directors from Jean-Luc Godard and Agnès Varda to Jacques Demy and Pauline at the Beach by Eric Rohmer.

It’s another way to show how the painter's vision has transcended time and disciplines, be it New Wave films or the pieces presented by Maison Matisse today.


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