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Marta Bakowski

La Musique (1939) was chosen to inspire the first Maison Matisse collection created in collaboration with Marta Bakowski. The young Franco-Polish designer took the palette of colours and themes most representative of Henri Matisse's work from the painting, such as the philodendron leaf, the figure of the woman and music.

The designer Marta Bakowski collaborated with Maison Matisse

Marta Bakowski

Maison Matisse

Born in Paris in 1986, Marta Bakowski studied design at Central Saint Martins College before completing her degree with the Royal College of Arts. Two years spent alongside Hella Jongerius capped off her training, leading the young designer to establish her own studio in 2013 in Paris.

Her collaborations include: La Chance, Ligne Roset as well as Roche Bobois.

Harmonie large serving bowl - Marta Bakowski

Harmonie large serving bowl

La Musique collection

Canon large bowl - Marta Bakowski

Canon large bowl

La Musique Collection

Canon Bottle - Marta Bakowski

Canon Bottle

La Musique collection

Sol serving bowl - Marta Bakowski

Sol serving bowl

La Musique collection

Arpège platter - Marta Bakowski

Arpège platter

La Musique collection

Dessert plate Clé - Marta Bakowski

Dessert plate Clé

La Musique collection

Dessert plat Nuance - Marta Bakowski

Dessert plat Nuance

La Musique collection

Contrepoint dessert plate - Marta Bakowski

Contrepoint dessert plate

La Musique collection

Carré dessert plate - Marta Bakowski

Carré dessert plate

La Musique collection

Variations dessert plate - Marta Bakowski

Variations dessert plate

La Musique collection

Double Point dessert plate - Marta Bakowski

Double Point dessert plate

La Musique collection

Octave pitcher - Marta Bakowski

Octave pitcher

La Musique collection

Harmonie bottle - Marta Bakowski

Harmonie bottle

La Musique collection

Sol bottle - Marta Bakowski

Sol bottle

La Musique collection