Carré candle almond/cotton scent, natural

Designer: Maison Matisse Studio

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The Carré candle is part of the La Musique collection, inspired by Henri Matisse's eponymous painting (1939).

Created by the Studio Maison Matisse, the Carré candle is declined in a range of 6 colors finding their inspiration in the palette of the painter's painting, perfectly matched with the other pieces of the collection.

Its realization was entrusted to one of the last master candle maker still active in France, based in the South, and distinguished by the label of the Métiers d'Art. Entirely handmade, the Carré candle has many advantages that industrial candles do not have.

All the dyes are custom made from natural pigments. As for the perfumes, carefully selected by the master wax maker, they come from the city of Grasse, known as the world capital of perfume.

The natural Carré candle has a unique almond/cotton scent, chosen by Maison Matisse.

Today, more than ever, the candle has a place of choice in our homes, becoming a decorative piece in its own right.


Dimensions: Ø8cm; height 8cm 
Weight: 315g 
Burning time: 50 hours
Materials: scented mineral wax
Handmade for you, in the south of France

Maintenance advice
We advise you to cut the wick of the candle regularly. Do not relight the candle when only 5mm of wax remains. The candles must be used with a suitable support. Natural pigments can discolor on surfaces with which the candle is in prolonged contact, we advise to use a suitable support.
Delivered within 3 to 7 days.

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Arts and materials

Its manual manufacturing process allows it to obtain a wax with fewer air bubbles, thus offering a much slower combustion. In total, two days and seven interventions are necessary to make each candle. Casting, molding, straightening the wicks, … : a know-how passed down from master to master for generations.

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The Carré candles were designed by the Maison Matisse studio. Directly inspired by the work La Musique by Henri Matisse (1939), we find in their forms the grid present in the painting.

Maison Matisse Studio

Maison Matisse launched its design studio in 2021, complementing regular invitations to established and emerging designers. The Studio, an in-house playground, is a place for research and development that emphasizes spontaneity and curiosity in the creative process. Young designers are encouraged to participate and propose new interpretations of Henri Matisse's work. 

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