Carré centerpiece - blue, ochre

Designer: Studio Maison Matisse

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Inspired by the painting La Musique painted in 1939 by Henri Matisse, the Carré centerpiece was created in the Maison Matisse Studio to complete the La Musique collection, initially designed by Marta Bakowski for Maison Matisse.


Dimensions (cm) : Ø25 x H10
Materials : ceramic
Created for you, in Italy

Maintenance advice

Clean with a soft, slightly damp cloth.
The use of abrasive products is strongly discouraged. 
Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may alter the color of the parts.

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Arts and materials

The Carré centerpiece is made entirely by hand in Italy, in a traditional factory with a long history of expertise.

To design it, a mold is first created and then the ceramic is delicately poured, fired and removed by hand. In the mold, a grid is engraved which will serve as a guide to the craftsman.

The piece will then be painted and it is by hand that the craftsman will redraw the grid piece by piece with a specific tool using the spolvero technique.

Finishing is done in several steps and firings to achieve a play of matter between a matte exterior and a shiny interior


Marrying the curved lines representative of the painter's work with the grid pattern so contrasting in the painting, the Carré centerpiece is a strong and subtle piece at the same time. The bold colors chosen to dress it are directly inspired by the color palette of the painting and finish off the character of the Carré centerpiece.

Maison Matisse Studio

Maison Matisse launched its design studio in 2021, complementing regular invitations to established and emerging designers. The Studio, an in-house playground, is a place for research and development that emphasizes spontaneity and curiosity in the creative process. Young designers are encouraged to participate and propose new interpretations of Henri Matisse's work. 

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