Belle-épine sample textile wallpaper - Green

Designer: Cristina Celestino

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Considered a trendy must-have in interior design for a long time, the wall hanging has made yet another appearance in our Intérieur aux Aubergines collection. 
Designed by Cristina Celestino in collaboration with Maison Matisse, the Belle-Epine wall hanging boasts textural effects through its graphic and organic patterns, giving it a style that is as ornamental as it is contemporary. 
It has several original uses: as a decorative panel, as a singular feature wall or by wallpapering an entire room with it. 
For example, when combined with our Colette sofa, it adds an all-over and unique style to your rooms.

Presented here in ochre, sky blue and terracotta tones, it marries perfectly with the Septembre pink designer vase and is available in a second color palette.


14,8 x 21 cm (5,8" x 8,3"). 

Maintenance advice

The use of abrasive products is not recommended.
Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may alter the color of the pieces.


• Lined with a layer of TNT, the textile wallpaper is applied like a classic wallpaper. We recommend using a professional wallpaper hanger. (download the installation guide)

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Arts and materials

The Belle-épine wall hanging is made on jacquard looms, with natural yarns  woven by one of the oldest Venetian manufacturers that date back to the 18th century.
Constructing this wall hanging on a jacquard loom is a true feat of craftsmanship that requires innovation, traditional and ancestral savoir-faire in order to obtain such a complex pattern. 
Italian designer Cristina Celestino has revisited the textile wallpaper in her collaboration with Maison Matisse.
Inspired by the floral and fruit arrangements found on Henri Matisse's Intérieur aux Aubergines (1911), the Belle-épine wall hanging boasts a graphic and organic pattern that plays on contours to give it a textured result. 
Applied all over your walls or simply as a touch of color reminiscent of a painting to enhance your interior, it has a number of uses. 


Designed by Cristina Celestino, the Belle-épine wallpaper's fabric is inspired by the floral and fruit arrangements found on Henri Matisse's Intérieur aux Aubergines (1911).  Considered as one of the artist's most decorative works, it allows the collection to create a design universe that reinterprets the all-over style.

Discover more about the inspirations behind the collection.

Cristina Celestino

For the permanent collection Intérieur aux aubergines, Maison Matisse was inspired by Henri Matisse's eponymous painting from 1911 and collaborated with the Italian designer Cristina Celestino. This choice seemed self-evident. The designer’s world is perfectly adapted to that of the artist’s painting in this particularly decorative canvas where the planes deeply superimpose each other.

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Cristina Celestino