Chandelier Light Fold

Metal and folded paper chandelier, in 4 colors

Designer: Formafantasma


Our Fold chandelier light is the centerpiece of the collection of the same name, created in collaboration with the Italian design duo Formafantasma, to celebrate one of the major themes of Henri Matisse's life: paper cuts.

Fold chandelier pendant light comes in two different sizes, 150cm or 110cm span, to dress up any space regardless of its size. The strength of its character coupled with the delicacy of its line make it an easy piece to match with both contemporary and antique interiors, simply integrating into a modern decor or subtly enhancing a more vintage style.

The stature of the Fold chandelier makes it the centerpiece of a reception area but, thanks to its adjustable intensity, it can also be used as a mood light in a living room or bedroom.

Limited edition of 8 pieces + 4 artists' proofs

Each piece is numbered and signed by the designers and Maison Matisse.


Composition: Steel with metallic lacquer, LED strips, paper

Color to be chosen in the collection's palette : metallic green, metallic blue, metallic pink and metallic red
Made to order, we adapt the electrical plug to the country of destination
Price: on request only, via email to
Dimensions : 150x86x44 cm OR 110x62x35 cm
Made in Italy
Download the technical sheet 150cm
Download the technical sheet 110cm

Maintenance advice

We recommend cleaning with a soft, slightly dampened cloth. 
The use of abrasive products is strongly discouraged. 
Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may alter the color of the parts.


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Arts and materials

The creation of this piece was entrusted to six different craftsmen, each bringing a specialized, complex and innovative know-how.

The metal that constitutes this lamp was first cut using laser technology, achieving a very high level of precision. 

After being cut and shaped to reflect the drawing imagined by the designers, the metal is polished and cleaned several times by hand by an expert, to remove the last imperfections of the material, before being protected by a thin layer of varnish.

The paint is then sprayed on, requiring up to 10 successive coats to sublimate the color and obtain the desired effect. A final coat of varnish completes the rendering of the metal, whose unique brilliance offers spectacular depth effects.

Finally, the different elements of the lamp are assembled by hand, the LED light source is carefully placed, and the paper sheet only needs to be slipped on. 


The Fold chandelier is part of the limited edition Fold collection, Maison Matisse's first lighting collection, designed by the italian duo Formafantasma.


The Formafantasma were particularly interested in the creative process by which Henri Matisse, while bedridden following a heavy operation, cut various pieces of paper and attached them, with the help of his assistant, directly to the walls of his studio. Several of the painter's major works were created in this way, the result of the balance between form and color so sought by the painter throughout his life.


Following this technique, the Formafantasma imagined several models of lamps, for which they cut and assembled large sheets of paper. In the course of their work, the paper has given way to metal, a material that is so contrary but which responds to the designers' love of industry and innovation. 


Formafantasma est un studio de design basé sur la recherche qui étudie les forces écologiques, historiques, politiques et sociales qui façonnent la discipline du design aujourd'hui.

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