Reflet screen

Designer: Cristina Celestino

14 900 €

The Reflet folding screen completes this decorative set dreamed up by Italian designer Cristina Celestino in collaboration with Maison Matisse. 
No longer simply a way of creating an intimate space, the folding screen is now the ideal object to integrate into your interior design. 
Maison Matisse wanted to render this folding screen unique by creating an eye-catching display that combines texture with transparency. 

Presented here in ochre, duck green and pink amethyst tones, the Reflet folding screen is available in another format: the Ombrage folding screen. 


• Dimensions unfolded (in.) : H63,8 x W64,2
• Dimensions folded (in.) : H63,8 x W23,8 x D3,3
• Materials: Beech wood, cotton and viscose jacquard fabric covering
• Handmade for you, in Italy, in the Veneto region.

Maintenance advice

We recommend cleaning this product with a soft, slightly damp cloth. 
The use of abrasive products is not recommended. 
Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may alter the color of the pieces.

Made for you and delivered in 8 weeks. Maison Matisse is a "slow-design" interior design brand, therefore each piece is made to order.

Shipping fees for furniture from Maison Matisse are calculated on estimate for each order. Once we receive your order, customer service will contact you with an estimate for the shipping fees to be paid by credit card. If you have any questions, please contact us at the following address:

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Arts and materials

The Reflet folding screen is made up of three panels articulated panels, including one carved panel with an opening decorated with two beaded wood rods. One of the panels is covered in a decorated jacquard fabric, and the second is composed of textured glass tinted in a pink amethyst shade. Easy to fold and unfold, it is the result of several artisanal Italian workshops coming together and employing their exceptional expertise to ensure the product's final quality.

Maison Matisse has chosen beech wood, known for its refined and short grain, for the folding screen's frames. The fabrics have been carefully crafted on jacquard looms using natural fibers, decorated with beaded wood rods. The central panel is covered in our Belle-épine fabric, which is also available on our cushions, floor cushions and wallpapers. 
The left panel is crafted in textured glass with a pink amethyst tint, adding an interplay of light and shadow to the Reflet screen. 


The Ombrage folding screen draws its inspiration from the Intérieur aux Aubergines (1911) painting by Henri Matisse, one of the painter's most decorative works that features a folding screen with an arabesque motif in its center.

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Cristina Celestino

For the permanent collection Intérieur aux aubergines, Maison Matisse was inspired by Henri Matisse's eponymous painting from 1911 and collaborated with the Italian designer Cristina Celestino. This choice seemed self-evident. The designer’s world is perfectly adapted to that of the artist’s painting in this particularly decorative canvas where the planes deeply superimpose each other.

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Cristina Celestino