Piccolo candle holder, red

Designer: Maison Matisse Studio

80 €

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The La Musique collection is expanding its family of products by offering for the first time a range of ceramic candle holders, inspired by the eponymous painting by Henri Matisse and created by the Studio Maison Matisse.

Thus, 6 colored bases come to receive in their turn 2 rings, thus proposing a series of 12 candle holders with fresh and joyful associations in which you will just have to pick according to your desires.

Each association has been thought to be closer to the work of the painter, respecting the color palette of the painting dating from 1939. Consistent with the other ceramic pieces in the collection, the Piccolo candle holder can be easily integrated into any type of decoration, bringing a touch of cheerfulness to your home.

Combined with our Portée candles, also available in the same range of 6 colors, the Piccolo candle holder becomes a decorative object in its own right with a wide variety of associations.

The red Piccolo candle holder is available in two color variations: red ring and yellow ring.


Dimensions of the base : Ø14cm / height 1cm
Dimensions of the ring : Ø1,9cm / height 2cm
Materials : ceramic et metal
Created for you in Italy

Maintenance advice
Clean with a soft, slightly damp cloth. The use of abrasive products is strongly discouraged. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may alter the color of the parts.
Delivery from November 17th

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Arts and materials

This Piccolo candle holder is made exclusively in Italy in renowned factories. The earthenware base is shaped by hand on a pottery wheel, taking shape as a dialogue between the earth and the artisan. The piece is then painted and fired at very high temperatures. A matte glaze is applied, giving the candle holder its timeless aesthetic. Each color has been developed exclusively for our La Musique collection. The metal ring that will support the candle has a glossy finish. This association creates a subtle play of materials. It is removable and interchangeable between the different Piccolo candle holders.


Our Piccolo candle holder finds its inspiration in the painting La Musique, painted by Henri Matisse in 1939. This piece was designed by the Maison Matisse studio and enriches the first part of the La Musique collection imagined by Marta Bakowski. The discs echo the roundness of the forms present in the work, while the choice of colors is directly inspired by the palette of the painting.

Maison Matisse Studio

Maison Matisse launched its design studio in 2021, complementing regular invitations to established and emerging designers. The Studio, an in-house playground, is a place for research and development that emphasizes spontaneity and curiosity in the creative process. Young designers are encouraged to participate and propose new interpretations of Henri Matisse's work. 

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