Aeromaticolor Vase

Vase en céramique, moulé et peint à la main

Designer: Jaime Hayon


The Aeromaticolor vase is part of a collection of 3 earthenware vases designed by Jaime Hayon to celebrate Henri Matisse's 150th birthday and made in the exceptional Bosa Trade studio in Venice.

The fruit of a long and meticulous process, the Aeromaticolor vase is entirely made by hand using time-honored ceramic techniques.

Limited series of 8 pieces + 4 artist's proofs 

Each piece is numbered and signed by the designer, Maison Matisse, and the craftsman.


Dimensions (in.) : H15.7 x W15
Materials: earthenware
Techniques used: casting, decalcomania
Manufacture: handcrafted, in Italy by Bosa Trade

Maintenance advice
We recommend cleaning this product with a soft, slightly damp cloth. The use of abrasive products is not recommended. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may alter the color of the pieces.
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Arts and materials

The creation of the Aeromaticolor vase was entrusted to the Bosa ceramic studio, located in the Venetian countryside since its founding in 1976. A region steeped in craft tradition, Veneto is a pioneer in the field of ceramics. 

 White clay is first poured by hand and cast in large plaster molds. It is then polished to obtain the smoothest, most uniform biscuit possible, which will then be glazed before being decorated. 

 Jaime Hayon's designs are placed on the biscuit using a transfer technique that requires great precision to ensure that every inch of the vase is a perfect representation of the designer's decorative work. 

 The production of this vase required nearly 15 hours of work and 18 hours of firing in the kiln at 930° in order to ensure this piece is of optimal quality and can stand the test of time.


The result of the collaboration between Jaime Hayon and Maison Matisse, the Aeromaticolor vase is a tribute to Henri Matisse's work.

According to the designer: "The initial concept of the vases is based on fantastic elements: shapes, silhouettes, and natural features that melt together and float in a sea of color.” 

The designer most likely found his inspiration through the love he shares with Matisse for the Mediterranean, its nature, its sea, and its strength. The region’s many distinguishing features motivated them both, each in their own way, during their creative process.

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Jaime Hayon

Breaking down the boundaries between design, art and decoration, Jaime Hayon has built a universe rich in color and emotion that echoes Maison Matisse’s mission: paying tribute to the joie de vivre dear to Henri Matisse’s works.

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