Fenêtre Solo Vase

Vase en céramique et métal

Designer: Ronan Et Erwan Bouroullec


Designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Henri Matisse's birth, the Solo Window vase represents an open window, a major pictorial theme in the artist's work.

Limited series of 8 pieces + 4 artist's proofs

Each piece is numbered and signed by the designer and Maison Matisse.


Dimensions (in.) : H19.3 x W22.4 x D8
Materials: earthenware, terracotta, anodized aluminum
Techniques used: casting and anodization
Manufacture: handcrafted, in France

Maintenance advice
We recommend cleaning this product with a soft, slightly damp cloth. The use of abrasive products is not recommended. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may alter the color of the pieces.
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Arts and materials

The Solo vase consists of a ceramic vase placed on a terracotta ledge, with an anodized aluminum background.

The brick ledge was made in an old French tile factory. Its chamotte clay gives it a raw look, while an invisible matte glaze protects it from stains. 

As for the stoneware vase, it was molded and demolded entirely by hand in the same workshop. The color gradients are obtained through a successive series of glazes.

Finally, the anodized aluminum background was cut using a water jet. The designers worked directly at the factory to develop shades of blue and azure that were as close as possible to the color of the sky.

Similar to film photography, the metal plate is dipped in six different baths. This was accomplished through research that Ronan & Erwan have been conducting for about five years in order to obtain a handcrafted look using an industrial process. 

The result is a delicate color gradient of blue shades, like a watercolor.


The result of Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec joining forces with Maison Matisse, the Fenêtre Solo vase is the designers' tribute to Henri Matisse's work. 

This vase translates the concept of a window open to the outside, a pictorial theme often present in Matisse’s work.

The overall ensemble of shapes and materials creates a unique and vibrant whole, suggesting an interior scene open to a landscape of dazzling light. 

The anodized aluminum plate becomes an azure blue sky when it reflects in the light.

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Ronan et Erwan Bouroullec

Industrial design, craftsmanship, series of objects, urban projects: Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have quickly put their simple and minimalist esthetic mark in many fields. The collaboration between the Bouroullec duo and Maison Matisse pays tribute to the beauty of the simple and spontaneous lines dear to Henri Matisse.

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