Mendini vase in earthenware Sinuoso


Alessandro Mendini

Sinuoso Vase

The Sinuoso vase is the result of Alessandro Mendini joining forces with Maison Matisse,
a tribute by the Italian designer to Henri Matisse's work
and one of his last pieces.

Made up of eight colors designed by Alessandro Mendini
for Maison Matisse, this earthenware vase reflects the Italian designer's
understanding of color. Bright hues are
showcased by matt black and white details. Its scalloped shape
is inspired by La Blouse Roumaine and the floral patterns in Henri Matisse's painting.

Made entirely by hand by Alessio Sarri in his Florence studio,
the Sinuoso vase has been produced in a series of eight and four artist's proofs.
Every piece is signed and numbered by the designer and Maison Matisse.

Sinuoso Vase

Alessandro Mendini

Sinuoso Vase

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Additional information

Designer: Alessandro Mendini
Dimensions: Height: 50 cm (19.7 in.) | Width: 28 cm (11 in.) | Depth: 24 cm (9.5 in.)
Weight: 4.6 kg
Materials: earthenware
Techniques used: casting, airbrushing
Manufacture: handcrafted by Alessio Sarri, in Italy

Vase en édition limitée Sinuoso par Mendini pour Maison Matisse
Vase Sinuoso de Mendini pour Maison Matisse

Why Sinuoso?

Inspired by the curvaceous figure in the La Blouse Roumaine painting, Alessandro Mendini wrote the following about this vase: "to pay tribute to Matisse, I explored a complex, contorted and organic shape, as if it were conceptual foliage – a sort of memory of Liberty here and large silhouettes there taken from the structure and geometry of some of his paintings."

Details of Alessandro Mendini ceramic vase Sinuoso
Vue de la base du vase Alessandro Mendini Sinuoso View of the bottom of Alessandro Mendini vase Sinuoso
Mendini vases Sinuso, Puro and Lucente inspired by Henri Matisse
Installation of the designer vase Sinuoso designed by Mendini for Maison Matisse
Other view of Alessandro Mendini vase Sinuoso for Maison Matisse

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