Maison Matisse design studio

In addition to regularly inviting established and up-and-coming designers to work on projects, Maison Matisse has also created the Maison Matisse Design Studio. A veritable "in-house" playground, the Studio is a research and development laboratory that places spontaneity and curiosity at the heart of creation. Very young designers are welcomed here to propose new readings and interpretations of Henri Matisse's work. Based on motifs or works chosen in collaboration with the family, the objects created in the Studio will complement our permanent collections. With freedom, boldness, innovation, and experimentation as its only guiding principles, the Maison Matisse Design Studio is a fantastic invitation to dare new creative experiences and promote the excellence of our partners' artisanal know-how.
The Maison Matisse Studio is the embodiment of Maison Matisse's primary mission: to transmit and share Henri Matisse's message of optimism, sharing, and generosity with young designers so that they in turn can spread it through our creations.