Beyond the warmth, comfort, and softness they provide, inviting us to cosy up in the evening with a good book, designer throws are also intrinsically decorative. Nonchalantly arranged around the house, atop the beds or on the armchairs and sofas, designer throw blankets add a pop of colour and personality to your space. Maison Matisse carries several throw blanket designs for you to choose from and match to your interior, or create a different vibe for every season. Find out how you can spruce up your home using beautiful throws and discover our collection!

Use a designer throw to decorate a room

In the same way as a vase or even a frame, a designer throw blanket can be a wonderful ornamental element in its own right if you choose to use it as a statement piece in the room. Why keep an unsightly blanket inside a trunk when you can have a throw blanket design that complements your decoration to perfection? Small details are what turns a house or apartment into an inviting home and makes any space feel truly your own. Select your colour palette to blend into its surroundings or offset more neutral tones to bring out the uniqueness of each room. Our creative line of designer throws is an ode to self-expression!

Add a special touch to your armchair with a designer throw blanket

With the right throw blanket designs, your interior changes in just an instant. Whatever style of armchair you have picked for your living room, artfully arranging a beautiful designer throw on your furniture will bring it to life. Fabric, leather, rattan… whatever your choice of materials, this simple accessory will make a subtle but noticeable difference. Spread it across your seats, roll it up to place it in a basket, or cover a chair completely for a whole new look. Designer throw blankets are at home in the sitting room, to adorn a chair in your office, or in your bedroom.

A new look for the sofa

Leave a designer throw on the sofa as an invitation to curl up and get warm while watching a series or a movie or enjoying a good book. As you would with an armchair, transform your couch or sofa by giving it a quick throw blanket makeover. You can match the colours to your mood or to the season and change the scenery anytime with simple, yet impactful accents.

Designer throw blankets for the bed

Another great use for our designer throws is as bedspreads to personalize your bedroom. Whether you spread one out across the bed or fold it in half to adorn the bottom, it will keep you warm when the nights get chilly. Play with the colours, patterns, and materials to offset your bed linen. Relying on throw blanket designs to embellish a room gives you so many possibilities. This type of accessory is the perfect way to add the little finishing touch that will make all the difference to your decoration while opting for a genuinely functional object. Who said practicality had to be boring?

Matching throws and pillows

If there is another decorative element that can easily be associated with a designer throw it has to be the cushions, or rather the pillows. Indeed, these elegant accessories will also bring a warm atmosphere to any room and will be ideal to comfortably settle on a sofa, an armchair, or a bed. There are a multitude of possibilities in this area and many different styles of cushions varying in colour, pattern, size, shape, materials, etc. Matching your cushions and designer throws will attract harmony into the room. When deciding on a throw, be sure to select complementing cushions to create an inviting ambience!

Our throw blanket designs

At Maison Matisse, it is the softness of our designer throws that we suggest you discover, from our Louise throw blankets created in collaboration with Cristina Celestino, to our Variation and Contrepoint throws designed by Studio Maison Matisse. Made in Italy from sustainable merino wool for the former, and virgin wool for the latter, these throws are both warm and light. Jacquard loom-crafted, they have different patterns on each side. Our throw blanket designs bring a subtle touch of colour that will make all the difference in a room. What’s more, they can be easily matched with other of our creations such as the September vase or the Belle-épine cushions, for example. Mix and match throw blanket designs to suit your mood and give your creativity free rein for a home that is quintessentially you! Our designer throw blankets are subtle enough to fit any decoration style, yet completely unique. Transform your space with our sophisticated, high-quality designer throws made in Italy.