More than its comfort and softness with which we can love to cover ourselves in the evening, the design plaid is also a real decorative asset. In the bedroom as well as in the living room, it can thus be at disposal, nonchalantly placed on an armchair, a bed or a sofa and thus give a touch of color and originality to the place. At Maison Matisse, we offer you to discover several models of plaids in order to choose the one that will match your interior decoration. So how to use a plaid design in decoration? What are the other elements of decoration to associate with a plaid? What are our plaid models? Answers!

Use a designer throw to decorate a room

In the same way as a vase or even a frame, a design plaid can be a real decorative element in its own right if you choose to make it visible in the room. Indeed, a plaid can be stored in a trunk or a basket waiting to be used to cover yourself when the temperatures are cooler in the evening for example, but it can also take its place in the decoration of the room and give it a touch of color.

The plaid and the armchair

The plaid design can for example come to partially cover an armchair. Whether it is fabric, leather, rattan or other, the latter will thus be half covered by the plaid while also remaining visible. The association of colors and materials can be highlighted to give a whole new style to his chair. It can also be completely covered to give it a whole new look according to your desires. An armchair associated with a plaid will be as well in the living room, the bedroom as the office.

The plaid and the sofa

A designer plaid can be used in the same way as on an armchair, but on a sofa. It will also give it a cozy and warm look and will always be available to cover up during a reading night or watching a movie or series for example. Here too, the plaid will give a completely different style to the sofa which will allow you to put color and change in the room according to your desires. A perfect way to change the decor while highlighting its beautiful sofa.

The plaid and the bed

It is also quite possible to use a design plaid in the bedroom especially as a bedspread. Indeed, the plaid will be able to cover the entire bed or be folded at the end of the latter, it will only remain to unfold it to cover more. A plaid used as a bedspread will also allow you to play on the association of colors, patterns and materials depending on the bed linen chosen. There are many ways to use a design throw in a room. This type of accessory is a perfect way to add the little finishing touch that will make all the difference in its decoration while opting for an object that will also have a real use.

Matching plaid and pillows

If there is another decorative element that can easily be associated with a design plaid it will be the cushion or rather the pillows. Indeed, the latter will also bring a warm atmosphere to the room and will be ideal to comfortably settle on a sofa, an armchair or a bed. There are a multitude of possibilities in this area and many different styles of cushions by varying colors, patterns, sizes, shapes, materials, etc.. Choosing cushions and plaid that match in style will create a certain harmony in the room and will be a real decorative asset. When deciding on a throw, choosing cushions that can be matched with it will usually be a great decorating choice!

Our plaid designs

At Maison Matisse, it is the softness of our Louise plaid created in collaboration with Cristina Celestino that we suggest you discover. Made in Italy from merino wool and virgin wool, this throw is both warm and light and has two different patterns on each side. It is part of the Eggplant Interior collection and comes in four different models to choose from (terracotta and grey blue, ochre and duck green, duck green and burgundy or grey blue and ochre). This designer plaid will certainly be the touch of color that will make all the difference in a room. What's more, it can be easily matched with other creations of Cristina Celestino like the September vase or the Belle-épine cousins for example.