Composition blanket

Blanket in wool and mohair, made in Italy

Designer: Faye Toogood

490 €

Payment in 3 times without expenses from 250€ of purchase


The Composition blanket is distinguished by its exceptional quality and sophisticated design that harmoniously combines tradition and modernity. Created by designer Faye Toogood and made in Italy by a renowned manufacturer, it is made of merino wool and mohair for a soft, enveloping feel.

The delicate patterns on this blanket are inspired by a series of black and white drawings by Henri Matisse, making it a composition that will fit tastefully into any interior. This throw can be placed on a sofa, an armchair or used as a bedspread, adding a touch of comfort and sophistication to any room in the house.

The choice of merino wool and mohair results in a warm, soft and durable throw that will not lose its shape over time. The subtle patterns inspired by Matisse's still lifes are both elegant and timeless, giving this throw an artistic touch that will delight art and decorating enthusiasts. The design of this throw is part of an eco-responsible approach, using sustainable materials and high quality craft techniques.

When used to embellish an interior, it brings a natural warmth, tactile softness and discreet elegance, transforming a room into a welcoming cocoon conducive to relaxation. The Composition rug is thus much more than a simple decorative accessory, it is a utilitarian work of art that subtly evokes the shapes and colours of nature to better enhance them.


Dimensions (cm): L190 x l140
Material: 63%WO (merino) 23%WM (mohair) 14%PA
Made for you, in Italy

Maintenance advice
Maison Matisse recommends professional washing in case of visible stains. The plaid can be stored in a wardrobe in its original pouch until the next season.
In stock, delivered within 3 to 7 days

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Arts and materials

This blanket was made using jacquard looms, real precision tools that allow for a two-tone double-sided appearance. 

Its patterns are not printed or embroidered, but actually woven. 

It is made of merino wool and mohair known for their incredible fineness and softness. 

Merino wool is also antibacterial: the texture of its fiber delays the appearance of bad odors. It is thick, warm, durable, and does not scratch.


Faye Toogood wanted to design a blanket as a "composition" of patterns taken from a library of shapes she imagined, just as Matisse composed his works with elements from the surrounding decor. 

Each pattern is repeated several times, echoing Matisse's creative process of drawing the subjects of his still lifes multiple times. 

To ensure optimal comfort, Faye Toogood chose a thick yarn for the piece, which corresponds to the spirit of the luxurious interiors depicted by Henri Matisse in his works.

Henri Matisse, Dessins : Thèmes et Variations, reproductions sur papier vélin pur fil, 28,6 x 21,6 cm, Paris, Martin Fabiani, 1943, exemplaire n°211, Série G © Succession H. Matisse