The designer coffee table is a piece of furniture that can be easily highlighted in a room and accessorized by opting for a designer vase, for example. Practical and decorative, this piece of furniture will have to match the other elements of the room and especially the sofa and armchairs in the living room for example. So why turn to a designer coffee table to furnish a room? How to choose the desired furniture? Answers!

Go off the beaten path with a designer coffee table

The designer coffee table can be positioned as a decorative element in its own right. Indeed, more than its practicality, this type of furniture can truly make a difference in a room and bring a touch of originality. The lines, the colors, but also the materials chosen will be the opportunity to opt for a piece of furniture that will match with the rest of the room and that will allow to choose the desired style in its decoration. The designer coffee table can thus be highlighted in the middle of the sofa and armchairs in the living room by taking pride of place in the center of the room. Depending on the model chosen, the eye will be drawn immediately to the center of the living room which will highlight the designer coffee table, but also the decorative objects that will be decided to install on it. A coffee table can therefore be a very interesting decorative element in a room in order to get off the beaten track and give originality and modernity to its decoration.

How to choose a coffee table

The choice of a coffee table is based primarily on the space you will have and the style you want to give to the room. Indeed, just like a sofa, it will be preferable to opt for a coffee table whose size will be proportional to the furniture that surrounds it. Its style can be rather neutral if you want the eye to be attracted rather by the other furniture in the room or on the contrary marked. The choice of a designer coffee table with a marked style will give character and originality to its decoration and highlight the heart of the room with well-chosen furniture. The colors and style of the coffee table can be matched with the rest of the furniture in the room to create a harmonious decoration. The coffee table can also be used to highlight different decorative objects. These will be positioned in the center of the room to attract the eye. A well-chosen coffee table can therefore make all the difference in the decoration of a living room.

Our designer coffee tables

Maison Matisse offers to discover several models of coffee tables created by our designers. For the Interior collection at Aubergines, Cristina Celestino created the Bianca round coffee table and the Bianca oval coffee table. Both models are made of a natural rattan structure on which is placed a plain ceramic top with a matt finish. The rounded shape of the Bianca coffee table is directly inspired by the one found in Henri Matisse's painting Interior with Eggplants. The Bianca coffee tables can be combined with the Colette sofas and armchairs also designed by Cristina Celestino to create a harmonious and colorful decoration. Different elements of decoration can also be highlighted on this model of coffee table as the vase September by Cristina Celestino for example.