Designer wallpaper is a very good way to give originality to a room, to put patterns and color even in a small space to create harmony with the rest of the decoration. Our designer wallpaper stands out not only for its quality, but also and above all for its rarity which makes it an even more interesting decoration element when you want to get off the beaten track!

Give color and relief to a room with designer wallpaper!

When you want to give color, but also relief to a room by personalizing your interior decoration all the more, the use of designer wallpaper can be a very good way to achieve this. This type of wallpaper is positioned in the room as a decorative element in its own right thanks to the originality of the patterns chosen, but also the beautiful quality of the paper. Pleasing to the eye, but also to the touch, designer wallpaper stands out to create a singular and original atmosphere in the desired space. The pattern and colors chosen can also be harmonized with the rest of the room's decoration to create a coherent and harmonious whole. The designer wallpaper can be the touch of originality that was missing in an interior decoration. It will easily find its place in spacious and bright rooms that will perfectly highlight this type of element, but also in rooms within which there is a lack of space to add more bulky decorative elements.

Choosing a wallpaper that matches your expectations

The choice of a designer wallpaper is primarily based on the effect you want to create in the room. Indeed, there are different ways to use wallpaper in a decoration. For example, it can be used only on a section of wall like a painting to highlight a particular space. It can also be used on a whole wall to give more relief to the whole room or to delimit a specific area. It is also possible to use wallpaper on all the walls of a room to create a singular and assertive atmosphere. 
The patterns and colors of the wallpaper will be chosen according to the desired effect, but also according to the decoration already present in the room in order to create a harmonious and coherent whole. This type of decorative element can make all the difference in a space to highlight certain furniture or decorative objects, but also bring more light and cheerfulness to the room.

Our designer wallpapers

Our designer wallpaper patterns are high quality creations designed by Cristina Celestino. The textural effect of the four tapestries offered gives a sense of relief and three-dimensional patterns. The tapestry is made through a jacquard loom and is made of cotton and viscose. It is a real craft feat combining modern weaving techniques and traditional know-how. As for the patterns, their colors will be ideal to wake up the decoration of a room and create a warm space. 
The Belle-épine textile wallpaper is available in two different colors to create the desired atmosphere. This is also the case for the Summer-Indian textile wallpaper. These models can be combined with the Colette sofa and armchair and a Bianca coffee table to create a real harmony in the room.