Tapis Paysage au soleil - 190x280 cmTapis Paysage au soleil - 190x280 cm

Paysage au soleil carpet

By Cristina Celestino

From 8 432 €
Tapis Paysage le soir - 190x280cmTapis Paysage le soir - 190x280cm

Paysage le soir carpet

By Cristina Celestino

From 8 432 €

The carpet is a central element in decoration and even more so when it is a designer carpet. The carpet will indeed bring color and patterns to a room, create a warm atmosphere, delineate spaces and also allows you to opt for a harmonious and original decoration. It is an excellent way to give character to a room and also to highlight its furniture.

The designer rug, a central element in decoration

The designer rug can be quite a decisive element of decoration to create the desired atmosphere. It will indeed help to delineate a space and create the desired effect in the room by adding a warm element. In the center of the living room to highlight the lounge area, it can also find its place under the dining room table, in the hallway or in the bedroom. The designer carpet can be used to highlight certain furniture and decorative objects by using, for example, a reminder of color, but it is also a decorative element that is self-sufficient and can therefore give relief and style to a room. It can be plain and neutral in color as well as patterned and with stronger colors to meet its style desires. A designer rug can therefore make all the difference in a decoration to give it the desired style.

How to choose a rug

The choice of a designer carpet is made primarily for its singular and original style that will find its place in the desired room. It is therefore his preference for a model that will make his choice, but also its ability to associate with other elements of the room. It is therefore preferable to choose a designer carpet that will be able to associate with the rest of its decoration in order to create a harmonious environment that corresponds to its desires. The shape and size of the carpet will also be important. It is recommended to choose a model proportional to the room in which you want to install it. For a large room, a large rug is preferred, while for a small room, a small rug is preferred. There are also carpets in length that are ideal for installation in a hallway. Indeed, the carpet is a very interesting decorative element in a corridor, because it will allow to give style to the room without cluttering it.

Our designer rugs

In order to brighten up and give style to your interior, we suggest you discover our different carpet models. Cristina Celestino's Landscape in the Sun and Landscape in the Evening designs are hand-knotted in Nepal with Himalayan wool which is known for its strength and also with silk. The mixture of different colors and geometric shapes allows these carpet models to easily find their place in many different decorative worlds. The hallway format will be the opportunity to create an original decoration without cluttering the space and the classic format can be installed in a living room or a bedroom for example. This collection of rugs is a real decorative asset in a space in order to highlight the furniture in the room, but it is also possible to opt for other elements designed by Cristina Celestino from the Eggplant Interior collection such as the Colette sofa or the Bianca coffee table for example.