Paysage au soleil carpet

Designer: Cristina Celestino

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This contemporary designer rug is an iconic object found in interior design, created to add not only warmth but also identity to a room. 
The Paysage au soleil runner is the result of a creative collaboration between Italian designer Cristina Celestino and Maison Matisse. Composed of graphic patterns featuring organic and geometric shapes, its subtle color combination of ochre, blue and terracotta tones render it easily adaptable to a variety of settings.


Materials: Cotton base, Himalayan wool and silk (30%SE)
The contemporary design rug is available in different color ranges as well as in several sizes
It also exists in a hallway rug version, and can be declined in any other dimension according to your needs. 


Maison Matisse is a "slow-design" interior design brand, therefore each rug is made to order.
Maison Matisse offers you the opportunity to custom create your rug, you can choose its length and width according to your requirements. You'll own a unique and original piece that will effortlessly integrate into your own space. Contact us for an estimate: 
Price: €1585/m2 including VAT

Maintenance advice
Vacuum regularly. We do not recommend wetting, dry-cleaning or immerging your rug in water.
Made for you and delivered in 16 weeks. 

Shipping fees for furniture from Maison Matisse are calculated on estimate for each order. Once we receive your order, customer service will contact you with an estimate for the shipping fees to be paid by credit card. If you have any questions, please contact us at the following address:

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Arts and materials

Designed in Europe, the Paysage au Soleil contemporary rug is made in Nepal by local artisans, thread by thread, knot by knot, producing not just a decorative object, but a truly unique piece. 

This contemporary designer rug is handmade in a mix of silk and Himalayan wool, which is known for its exceptional resistance. It has been hand knotted in cc-tapis' workshops, that are specialized in this ancestral technique.
The workshops ensure their production respects the environment by following a strict set of rules, which include choosing indigenous Himalayan wools, using filtered rainwater and above all not using any chemical or artificial products.

This contemporary designer rug is hand knotted by Tibetan artisans. This rug has 125,000 individual knots per meter squared, hand knotting is an extremely delicate and complex production technique that offers an exceptional quality to our pieces. The wool is sourced from sheep in the Tibetan Himalayas while the silk we use is imported from China and sourced directly from silkworms.


The Paysage au Soleil rug draws its inspiration from the view seen through Henri Matisse's studio window, depicted in his Intérieur aux Aubergines painting (1911). Through its graphic and abstract compositions, we can find the shape of a country landscape illustrated in this masterpiece.

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Cristina Celestino

For the permanent collection Intérieur aux aubergines, Maison Matisse was inspired by Henri Matisse's eponymous painting from 1911 and collaborated with the Italian designer Cristina Celestino. This choice seemed self-evident. The designer’s world is perfectly adapted to that of the artist’s painting in this particularly decorative canvas where the planes deeply superimpose each other.

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Cristina Celestino