Maison Matisse is expanding its permanent collections with furniture and decorative objects. The collection is inspired by the eponymous painting by Henri Matisse's in 1911, one of the artist's most decorative paintings.

Along with L’Atelier rose, La Famille du peintre and L’Atelier rouge, Intérieur aux aubergines is part of the series of « symphonic interiors », all painted in 1911 by Henri Matisse.

As in the other three paintings, here we find ourselves in a studio, in this case on Rue de la Gare in Collioure.

Henri Matisse, Intérieur aux aubergines (1911), Grenoble Museum © H. Matisse succession.

The collection was developed in partnership with Cristina Celestino, who designed a sofa, an armchair, a folding screen, two coffee tables, a rug, wallpaper, and decorative objects whose rich shapes and patterns offer a fresh take on the original work.

Sketch : Elisa Vendramin for Maison Matisse

Like a living painting, these archetypal pieces interpret the work’s most striking elements in three dimensions, through a set of screens that are superimposed in depth, mirroring the pictorial composition imagined by Henri Matisse.

In this spirit of juxtaposition, the Italian designer has chosen to use contrasts, not only between interior and exterior, but also between empty and full, flat and patterned, geometrics and organic softness, suggesting both distinctly contemporary forms and a certain idea of comfort. The painter’s aesthetic and humanistic values permeate this sweeping decor, where shapes and colors converge in total harmony.

Louise blanket - terracotta/blue gray
Louise blanket - terracotta/blue gray 480 €
Louise blanket - blue grey/ochre
Louise blanket - blue grey/ochre 480 €
Louise blanket - duck green/burgundy
Louise blanket - duck green/burgundy 480 €
Louise blanket - ochre/duck green
Louise blanket - ochre/duck green 480 €
Septembre vase green
Septembre vase green 420 €
Septembre vase pink
Septembre vase pink 420 €
Autumn rectangular box
Autumn rectangular box 190 €
Autumn round box
Autumn round box 180 €
Belle-épine cushion - Yellow
Belle-épine cushion - Yellow 690 €
Belle-épine rectangle cushion green
Belle-épine rectangle cushion green 270 €
Belle-épine small cushion plain yellow
Belle-épine small cushion plain yellow 490 €
Belle-épine cushion - Green
Belle-épine cushion - Green 980 €
Bianca blue round table
Bianca blue round table 2 350 €
Bianca ochre oval table
Bianca ochre oval table 2 950 €
Reflet screen
Reflet screen 12 800 €
Ombrage screen
Ombrage screen 10 900 €
Colette sofa, yellow and green belle-épine
Colette sofa, yellow and green belle-épine 8 800 €
Colette sofa, yellow Belle-Epine and plain blue
Colette sofa, yellow Belle-Epine and plain blue 8 800 €
Colette armchair, green Belle-Epine and plain green
Colette armchair, green Belle-Epine and plain green 4 600 €
Colette armchair, plain blue
Colette armchair, plain blue 4 600 €