"Something inside me always pushes me to try new experiences.”.

These words from Henri Matisse perfectly illustrate the unique spirit of adventure that animated his work. From painting to paper cut-outs, from drawings to engravings, he never stopped experimenting throughout his life, and worked in total freedom far removed from any dogmatism. Today, Maison Matisse perpetuates this work philosophy through its various creative processes.

Ephemeral as well as exceptional, our limited editions are carte blanche creations crafted by renowned international designers. They are invited to celebrate Henri Matisse by freely drawing inspiration from his work to propose personal interpretations through original pieces.

The permanent collections are the result of collaborations with both up-and-coming and established designers, or they are created in the Maison Matisse design studio. They draw their inspiration from an emblematic piece by the painter that is selected by Maison Matisse.

We thus consider it a collaboration in the broadest sense when we select our guest designers. It is an artistic collaboration first, motivated by a common sensitivity to shapes and colors, but it is also a collaboration in the human sense, as it is inspired by shared values and commitments. Whatever the object, it is created according to the highest artistic standards after much meticulous research and many cordial meetings. It is this quest for perfection that drives us to select the best workshops and factories, and to find craftsmen whose artisanal know-how represents the Maison’s values of sharing and its demand for excellence.