The "Les Mille et Une Nuits"collection is the result of the collaboration between Maison Matisse and the Italian designer duo Formafantasma

Inspired by the eponymous painting by Henri Matisse (1950), this collection of decorative objects in folded metal offers a reinterpretation of the work, through the use of its forms and its palette of bright colors. 

Inspired by the painter's work, as well as his way of working with paper-cuts, the design duo was able to imagine a set of colorful and geometric pieces in the colors of the work's palette.

Wishing to pay homage to Matisse's creative process, the Formafantasma used large sheets of paper that they cut with a blade. Thus, they obtained shapes that they then modified, by hand, before obtaining the design of the final piece.

Metal dowel, design centerpiece, so many pieces with a strong character, to arrange at home for a touch of uniqueness.

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Aube candle holder, blue
Aube candle holder, blue 180 €
Aube candle holder, yellow
Aube candle holder, yellow 180 €
Aube candle holder, red
Aube candle holder, red 180 €
Aube candle holder, green
Aube candle holder, green 180 €
Aube centerpiece, blue
Aube centerpiece, blue 290 €
Aube centerpiece, yellow
Aube centerpiece, yellow 290 €
Aube centerpiece, red
Aube centerpiece, red 290 €
Aube centerpiece, green
Aube centerpiece, green 290 €