To give the necessary touch of comfort, but also accessorize the room with an original piece of decoration, the high-end cushion will be the ideal element. On the sofa, the armchair, the bed, but also on the floor as an extra seat, it finds its place as well in the living room as in the bedroom. It can be matched with other elements of decorations and multiply for a uniform style, or precisely be mismatched to create a certain shift that will give originality to the decoration. So how do you use a high-end cushion in decoration? What are the models proposed by Maison Matisse? Answers!

How to use a high-end cushion in decoration

When it comes to decorating, a high-end cushion can make all the difference in a room by adding colors and patterns most often on a sofa, an armchair, a bed, but also by being used on the floor to gain additional seating. It is a great way to put a little fantasy in its decoration while opting for beautiful quality object.

A high-end design cushion on a sofa or armchair

A high-end design cushion will of course find its place on a sofa or an armchair. In particular, it will allow you to play with contrasts and bring color according to the style of the furniture on which it will be installed. A high-end cushion can be used as a decorative element, but also to support the head or the back during a moment of reading for example. You can even use several of them by opting for matching models, but also play the originality by mismatching the cushions chosen. The high-end design cushion can therefore very easily be installed on a sofa or an armchair whether in a living room, a bedroom or an office.

Decorate the bed with cushions

On a bed, a high-end cushion or even several can be a real decorative asset. They can indeed complement the pillows to create a warm atmosphere in the room. The chosen models can match or contrast with the chosen bed linen depending on the result you wish to obtain. This is a very good way to decorate a room in an original way and to put color according to his desires.

Gain extra seating with a high-end cushion

A high-end design cushion can also be a very good way to gain extra seating especially in the living room. It can then be installed right next to the coffee table for example so that you can sit comfortably. This type of cushion is ideal when you want to sit in the living room while being close to the table to play a board game with friends or family for example. The high-end cushion chosen as a floor cushion can then be left installed on the carpet, but also stored in a basket waiting to be used.

Our cushion designs

Maison Matisse offers different cushion models so that you can choose a high-end cushion that matches your expectations and decorating style. For example, there is the Belle-épine high-end design cushion by Cristina Celestino. This cushion will make a sofa, an armchair or even a bed more sophisticated and original. From the Eggplant Interior collection, the Belle-épine high end design cushion is available in two colors: one in shades of duck green, red and blue and the other in shades of ochre, blue and red. This model is made of jacquard fabric woven in natural threads by an Italian manufacturer. Alone, in several colors, or associated with other styles of cushions it will undoubtedly make its effect in the room. 

There is also the Belle-épine floor cushion also made by Cristina Celestino. Comfortable, this cushion is in fact a combination of 3 cushions attached together by buttons. It has been declined in two ranges of colors that will perfectly match within the same space. To create a reading corner, to sit around the coffee table or to add a seat in a child's room, this floor cushion will give the desired touch of color in the room! A Belle-épine high-end design cushion can also be matched with other decorative elements created by Cristina Celestino such as the Bianca coffee table, the September vase or the Landscape in the Sun or Landscape in the Evening rug. The opportunity to create a beautiful harmony in the room!