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First and foremost, the Maison Matisse was born from a family, that of Henri Matisse, whose wish is to celebrate and respectfully, meticulously, and faithfully transmit the astoundingly rich artistic inheritance of his grandfather. Through his openness to the world, his capacity for constant innovation, and his mastery of color and composition, Henri Matisse remains an extraordinary source of inspiration for artists around the world.

« My goal is to convey my emotion. This state of mind is created by the objects that surround me and which react within me » acknowledged the artist who loved to collect them.

By initiating and perpetuating a three-dimensional interpretation of his work today, Maison Matisse is thus part of a beautiful, sensitive, and formal continuity. In order to take a fresh and original look at the work and to encourage contemporary creations, Maison Matisse has surrounded itself with the most talented designers from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, accompanied by craftsmen with unique know-how. The objects thus proposed by Maison Matisse are not only ambassadors of a piece of artwork and a history, but also testaments to a philosophy of life marked by sharing, emotion, culture, and generosity. Whether it is a vase, a plate, or a carpet, all share a special universal language that is part of a quest for beauty and the eternal.


From left to right:

Henri Matisse, La Musique (1939), Albright-Knox Art Gallery - Buffalo (USA) © H. Matisse succession // Henri Matisse, Jazz. // Colette Armchair, Intérieur aux aubergines collection (Cristina Celestino and Maison Matisse) // Henri Matisse, Nu Bleu (II) (1952), © H. Matisse succession // Henri Matisse, Fragment of unpublished text for Jazz (towards 1946), Indian ink on paper, 42x32 cm // Inspiration Drawing, Alessandro Mendini for the 1869 collection // Henri Matisse at Work, 1947, by Ina Bandy © Picture: Archives Henri Matisse. (c) D.R. // Arpège platter, La Musique collection (Marta Bakowski and Maison Matisse) // Henri Matisse at Beauvezer, 1935 © Picture: Archives Henri Matisse. (c) D.R. // Lucente vase, 1869 limited edition collection (Alessandro Mendini and Maison Matisse) // Octave pitcher, La Musique collection (Marta Bakowski and Maison Matisse).