The limited edition collections are, for Maison Matisse, the occasion to celebrate important moments of Henri Matisse's life and work, through cartes blanches given to international designers.

In 2022, we celebrate the beginning of a very important era for the painter, which he will himself call his "second life" : the Cut-outs ; by editing a limited edition collection of lights with Italian designer duo Formafantasma.

The birth of FOLD collection

Inspired by Henri Matisse's Cut-outs, as well as the light symbolizing the "rebirth" of the painter, Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin (behind the Italian duoFormafantasma), imagined for Maison Matisse a collection of lamps in limited edition

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The legacy of a leader of the avant-garde of the twentieth century meets here the imagination of the contemporary avant-garde and offers unique pieces, symbol of the requirement and optimism that characterized the work of the painter.

"We were always fascinated

by the exploratory nature of Henri Matisse's work, and in particular his use of cut-out papers, to study shapes and colors."


In the manner of Henri Matisse, who used scissors to cut paper, the Formafantasma used a ruler and a blade. They then folded the paper into the final shapes of the lamps. The initial models, made to scale, thus gave birth to the Fold collection.

"We chose to collaborate with

the FORMAFANTASMA, for their poetic aesthetic, their work on balance and form, their practice encompassing a wide range of activities and methods"

Maison Matisse

A brief history

It was following a major operation that Henri Matisse began his work around cut-out paper, a real renaissance both artistically and personally, which he would continue to develop until the end of his life.

This idea came to him from preparatory work for various painting commissions, during which Matisse would cut out gouached paper with scissors, arranging the pieces to reconstruct the final work.

The grand and innovative character, as well as the scale of the works thus produced, remain unprecedented and continue to inspire generations of artists and creators.

"We loved the boldness of their interpretation

of Henri Matisse's cutouts. Formafantasma found a way to bring their minimalist style together with Henri Matisse's ultimate expression of color, both in the treatment of the pieces and in the shades."

Maison Matisse