A piece of designer tableware can make all the difference when you want to set a beautiful table for two or more! A singularly styled dish, a colorful jug to serve a drink, a designer dessert set and it's the entire meal that will have a certain touch of originality. At Maison Matisse, we suggest you discover our design tableware to give style to small and large tables.


High-end tableware that makes a difference

When you want to add a touch of originality to a table with high-end dinnerware, sometimes a single serving piece with a strong identity can make all the difference. Marta Bakowski's creations are designed to do just that. The Octave jug, but also the Harmonie, Sol and Canon bottles, are decorative elements in their own right dedicated to the table, but which will also easily find their place in the living room or the dining room for example. Their round shape and their patterns inspired by Henri Matisse's painting "La Musique" will give a whole new melody to your meals. For the service of water as well as wine, these jugs and bottles will certainly not go unnoticed for the greatest happiness of his guests.

They can be complemented with the Harmony, Sol, Arpeggio and Canon serving dishes. This type of design table art element will easily be able to enthrone in its center to highlight delicious dishes to share. You can also choose this type of high-end tableware as a fruit dish for example, in order to enjoy it on a daily basis and to completely integrate it into your interior decoration. The opportunity to combine the useful with the pleasant in the kitchen.

Color the dessert with design table art

Design table art also invites itself to dessert time with high-end tableware in which to enjoy the most delicious of sweet dishes. Indeed, Marta Bakowski has also imagined a whole collection of dessert plates to match. The beautiful colors of these models will be perfectly highlighted on a beautiful white linen tablecloth for example and can of course be associated with the bottles and the jug of this same collection. Everyone can discover the design and the color of their plate to create a harmonious and delightful set. The Carré, Double Point, Clé, Contrepoint, Nuance and Variations dessert plates are thus a great way to create a uniform or colorful dessert set for festive days as well as everyday.

These designer earthenware dinnerware sets are obviously also inspired by Henri Matisse's painting La Musique. Their realization at home requires in particular the use of a metal point to trace the pattern as well as the use of the Italian spolvero technique. Each model is therefore unique according to the gesture of the craftsman who makes it which gives it a true authenticity.