Aube centerpiece, black

In hand painted steel

Designer: Formafantasma

290 €

Payment in 3 times without expenses from 250€ of purchase


The Aube centerpiece is inspired by Henri Matisse's painting Les Mille et Une Nuits (1950), and is the latest addition to our collection of the same name.

Designed by the Italian design duo Formafantasma, Aube is a piece with a strong character, designed to meet different needs: basket, pocket or serving dish, all different uses that make it a piece of choice. Placed in the center of a table, our Aube basket will bring a touch of bright and cheerful color to your decoration, giving it a unique atmosphere.

The Aube centerpiece is an invitation to revisit Henri Matisse's paper cut-out theme, folding metal like paper.

Aube is available in six colors worked like solid colors, all taken from the palette of the painting Les Mille et Une Nuits (1950).


Dimensions (cm): 40 x 25 x 7,5
Composition: painted steel
Made in Italy

Maintenance advice
Clean with a soft, slightly damp cloth. The use of abrasive products is strongly discouraged. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may alter the color of the parts.
In stock, delivered within 2 to 5 days.

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Arts and materials

The Aube centerpiece is made from steel, using a precise and innovative process that is uncommon for small decorative pieces. 

The material is first laser-cut from steel plate, then bent, polished and cleaned to ensure a smooth finish, without roughness. 

The piece is then spray-painted with a special paint that does not cover the grain of the steel, but keeps the original feel.


Formafantasma's intention here is to pay homage to the work of Henri Matisse, by studying his creative process rather than his aesthetic language. From this research has emerged an original set of pieces, which are intended to be a testimony to the painter's legacy. Adopting this intuitive creative process and interpreting it in their design process, Formafantasma have developed a series of abstract forms, cutting and folding paper, similar to what Matisse did at the end of his Work.


Formafantasma est un studio de design basé sur la recherche qui étudie les forces écologiques, historiques, politiques et sociales qui façonnent la discipline du design aujourd'hui.

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