On the theme of music, the latest collection from Maison Matisse celebrates one of Henri Matisse's greatest passions.

la musique

La MusiqueLe Violoniste à la fenêtreLa Tristesse du roi : from one painting to another, the work of Henri Matisse fully reveals his love for music.

An avid fan of jazz who was also inspired by Russian ballets and avant-garde pieces, Matisse himself compared his work to that of a composer.

Henri Matisse, La Musique (1939), Albright-Knox Art Gallery - Buffalo (United-States) © H. Matisse succession.

Henri Matisse

« The painter chooses his color in the intensity and the value that suits him, like the musician chooses the timbre and volume of his instruments. »

Mixing the harmony of colors with a sense of rhythm, the new series of objects from Maison Matisse takes it's own look at the encounter between these disciplines.

Inspired by the painting La Musique (1939), the 14 earthenware pieces of the collection that bear its name pick up the emblematic patterns.

Among these are the philodendron leaf, the curves of a guitar or a woman's silhouette. The collection is composed of four serving dishes, three bottles, six plates and a pitcher that transpose the red, green or blue blocks from the original work into three dimensions.

Made entirely by hand in one of the oldest artisanal manufactories in Italy, the collection is the result of exceptional know-how. Birthed through a process that is as rare as it is demanding, the Maison Matisse ceramic objects preserve the mark of the hand's movement, reflecting that of the artist's stroke, and become unique pieces.

Just like Matisse's work, these enduring designer objects were intended to be cherished, kept and passed on from generation to generation.

Dessert plate Nuance
Dessert plate Nuance 140 €
Variations dessert plate
Variations dessert plate 140 €
Dessert plate Clé
Dessert plate Clé 140 €
Contrepoint dessert plate
Contrepoint dessert plate 140 €
Canon Bottle
Canon Bottle 980 €
Harmonie bottle
Harmonie bottle 980 €
Sol bottle
Sol bottle 980 €
Octave pitcher
Octave pitcher 1 200 €
Carré cup, red
Carré cup, red 55 €
Carré cup, green
Carré cup, green 55 €
Carré cup, blue
Carré cup, blue 55 €
Carré cup, ochre
Carré cup, ochre 55 €
Canon large bowl
Canon large bowl 1 450 €
Harmonie large serving bowl
Harmonie large serving bowl 1 450 €
Arpège platter
Arpège platter 1 350 €
Sol serving bowl
Sol serving bowl 1 250 €
Contrepoint plaid, blue/ochre
Contrepoint plaid, blue/ochre 390 €
Contrepoint plaid, ochre/pink
Contrepoint plaid, ochre/pink 390 €
Variation plaid, red/pink
Variation plaid, red/pink 390 €
Variation plaid, green/black
Variation plaid, green/black 390 €