Lampe à poser Fold

Designer: Formafantasma

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S'inscrivant dans la collection Fold, en édition limitée, cette lampe à poser est le résultat de collaboration entre Maison Matisse et le duo de designers Formafantasma.

Son caractère et sa douceur lui permettent de s’adapter à de nombreux espaces : sur un bureau ou une table de chevet, en lampe d’ambiance ou simple décoration dans une bibliothèque… La lampe à poser Fold peut ainsi se jouer de nombreuses façons et s’intégrer facilement dans des intérieurs très différents.

Les deux plaques qui la composent étant indépendantes, il est très simple d'en changer l'orientation, ainsi que d'en varier l'intensité grâce à son interrupteur. 

Édition limitée de 8 exemplaires + 4 épreuves d’artistes

Chaque pièce est numérotée et signée par les designers et Maison Matisse


Composition: Steel with metallic lacquer, LED strips

Color to be chosen in the collection's palette : metallic green, metallic blue, metallic pink and metallic red
Price: on request only, via email to
Dimensions : 44x28x21 cm
Made in Italy

Maintenance advice

We recommend cleaning with a soft, slightly dampened cloth. 
The use of abrasive products is strongly discouraged. 
Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may alter the color of the parts.


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Arts and materials

The manufacturing of this lamp required the intervention of six different craftsmen, each bringing their own know-how, combining complexity and innovation.

The metal used for the structure of this piece was first cut using laser technology, very high level of precision. 

After being cut and shaped to give life to the design imagined by Formafantasma, the metal is polished and cleaned several times by hand by an expert, to remove the last imperfections of the metal, before being protected by a thin layer of varnish.

The paint is then sprayed on, requiring up to 10 successive coats to bring out the color and achieve the desired effect. A final coat of varnish completes the rendering of the metal, whose unique shine offers spectacular depth effects.


The Fold table lamp is part of the Fold collection, born from a carte blanche given to the duo of designers Formafantasma to reinterpret one of the major themes of Henri Matisse's work : the Cut-outs.


Following a major operation, the painter was forced to rest. Wishing to continue to sublimate his art, he began to cut and assemble pieces of paper painted with gouache, which he then placed, with the help of his assistant, directly on the walls of his studio. This renaissance, both personal and artistic, is at the origin of several major works. 

Inspired by Henri Matisse's creation process, the Formafantasma worked from scale models, cutting and assembling large sheets of paper to obtain several lamps.

Using a ruler and a blade, rather than the scissors used by Matisse, the duo cut and folded paper before replacing it with metal, a material so similar and yet so contrary, and composing with these sheets, a sculptural table lamp.


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