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The sofa is a centerpiece of the living room that will usually take pride of place in the middle of the room and will immediately attract the eye. The choice of a sofa can therefore be decisive in order to make it a real element of decoration. Its style, its color, its shape, so many elements to which to pay attention in order to choose the right sofa, the one that will combine perfectly with the rest of its decoration and will create a harmonious result. So what type of designer sofa to choose? How to highlight it in a room?

The designer sofa, a key element of the living room decoration

The sofa is a central element of the living room decoration since it will tend to be positioned in the middle of the room and of imposing size. In fact, it is usually around the sofa that the rest of its decoration will be articulated. The eye is therefore immediately attracted by the sofa when entering the room and opting for a designer model will create a truly original decoration. The care taken to the quality of the furniture and the work of the style and lines of the latter will make it a separate element in the room. Buying a designer sofa is therefore a very good way to choose a piece of furniture of good quality, but also to highlight the element whose presence is generally first noticed in a living room. The armchairs, cushions, coffee table and other elements can then be added to the chosen designer sofa to create the desired atmosphere and decoration.

How to choose a sofa

The choice of a designer sofa in a living room will be decisive in giving the desired atmosphere to the room. Indeed, if the comfort can have its importance depending on the use we will make of this piece of furniture its style and just as essential in order to opt for a decoration that corresponds to its desires. Paying attention to the size of the sofa will be particularly important so that it occupies enough space without cluttering it. Before making its choice, it will be preferable to anticipate the size of the sofa desired while taking into account the space occupied by other furniture in the room. These will also influence the type of designer sofa chosen not only to harmonize the space, but also in terms of style. The chosen sofa should therefore be able to match the rest of the room, unless of course you also intend to change the decoration of your living room. The shapes and colors chosen for his sofa must therefore be the subject of special attention in order to create the desired decoration in his living room.

Our designer sofas

Maison Matisse offers you different models of designer sofas. With the Interior collection in Aubergines, it is the Colette sofa by Cristina Celestino that is proposed. Its handmade rattan structure and its seats with plant motifs are a reminder of nature and will bring color to your home. The Colette sofa is available in two colors and can be matched with the Colette armchair and the Bianca round coffee table or the Bianca oval coffee table. This designer sofa will make all the difference in a room and bring it the modernity and originality desired. This model will immediately give a touch of light to the living room and its lines as well as its style will be quite easy to match with other strong decoration elements like one of our Landscape rugs in the evening for example.