Designer furniture is a piece that can make all the difference in a room whether it is one of the main elements as well as a decorative and accent piece. Indeed, a piece of designer furniture will have that touch of originality and authenticity that cannot be found elsewhere. Its rarity will often make all its value, in order to highlight a room and to look after its interior decoration. So how to install a designer furniture at home? Which furniture should I choose? Which furniture to choose at Maison Matisse? Answers!

Integrating a piece of designer furniture in a room

The designer furniture is very often a strong element of its decoration. It will visually take up space either by its size or by its style that's why leaving it enough space will be necessary. Thus, we prefer to take care of the location of his designer furniture in the room to give him the place he deserves. We can opt for a designer furniture with a real function which will allow to position it in the heart of the room and thus to emphasize it by this position. That being said, it is also quite possible to choose a more decorative piece of furniture that will not necessarily have a function at first glance, but will nicely adorn a part of the room and make all the difference in its interior decoration.


What's more, it's very important that the rest of his decoration makes sense with the chosen furniture. The designer furniture should not seem "added" to the rest, but work well with it to create a harmonious and coherent whole. The choice of a piece of designer furniture can therefore also depend on the furniture already in the room and the style you want to give to your decoration.

What designer furniture to choose?

There are a multitude of possibilities when looking for a piece of designer furniture to add to a room. As mentioned earlier, it can be a piece of furniture with a real function that will therefore be used on a regular basis such as a sofa, armchair, table, coffee table, bed or other. You can also opt for a more ornamental designer furniture like a side table or a chair for example, but also a storage furniture with a bookcase or a sideboard. There are many possibilities when it comes to choosing a piece of designer furniture. When in doubt, it is recommended to opt for a small item that you will have no trouble including in your current decoration. That being said, it is also quite possible to opt for a more substantial piece of designer furniture and to articulate one's decoration according to it.

Our creations

When it comes to furniture, we have some beautiful creations to discover that will make all the difference in an interior decoration. For example, there is the Colette sofa and armchairs signed Cristina Celestino with their natural rattan structure and colorful patterns. In a living room, a library or an office, these pieces of furniture, together or separately, will bring life to the room while remaining practical to use every day. As a complement or independently, you can also opt for one of the Bianca coffee tables also designed by Cristina Celestino. These elements will also bring life and color to a room by being installed in the center of the room or as side furniture. The addition of a folding screen can also be a great idea to separate spaces and put color by opting for the Reflection and Shade models in particular.