Opting for a designer armchair is a very good way to furnish the space while choosing a comfortable seat that will also have the advantage of giving style to its interior decoration. A designer armchair can be placed in different rooms of the house to bring style and originality and to mark the spirits with a designer piece. Discover our different models and also our advice to choose a designer armchair that will meet your desires!

The designer armchair, a decorative asset


The designer armchair can be a real decorative asset. Indeed, a designer armchair will not only allow you to enjoy an additional seat in a room, it will also be an opportunity to make a real decorative choice to give style to its environment. For example, you can opt for a sculptural seat to furnish a space and draw the eye to the designer chair chosen to make a statement. You can also choose a model with an original look to give style to your decoration and create a contrast with your other furniture. You can also combine style and comfort by choosing an armchair that is as pleasant to look at as it is to use. There are also sets of armchairs or sets of sofas and armchairs that can be combined to match your furniture or, on the contrary, to mismatch according to your preferences. The armchair can find its place in the living room of course, but also in the dining room, the bedroom or any other room where you want to install a comfortable and stylish seat. The armchair chosen can create an additional space dedicated to relaxation or reading for example and furnish large spaces to make a pleasant environment to live. The armchair is therefore a real decorative asset when you want to add a seat in a room that will also give style to its interior design.

How to choose your designer armchair properly

The designer chair is a piece of furniture that can easily find its place in many rooms. The choice of the desired model can therefore be made according to the use that you will have of your armchair and the level of comfort you are looking for. An armchair that will be used frequently may favor comfort while a designer armchair that will be used less frequently will allow you to opt for a model with a little comfort and more style and originality. The choice can also be made according to the style of decoration of the room to which you may wish to add color or an element with a different style. Once you've chosen your designer chair, you can then find the place you want it to be so that it stands out and blends in with the rest of your furniture. 

To add color to your bedroom or living room, we suggest for example the Colette armchair by Cristina Celestino that you can discover in different colors. This armchair can also be combined with the Colette sofa by Cristina Celestino. The rattan structure is entirely handmade and the fabrics used to cover the seat cushions are made of natural threads on traditional jacquard looms. This type of high quality armchair will be an opportunity to opt for a colorful and original piece of furniture that will give personality to the room and will be able to match with the other furniture and objects already present in the interior design.