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Nothing brings out the beauty of a lounging area like a superbly crafted designer armchair specifically picked out to complement the aesthetics of a room. Whether your decoration is sleek and minimalistic, retro, mid-century modern, or adorned with geometric patterns, the furniture in your living room always tells a story. From leather club chairs to upholstered chairs, all the way to microfiber ottomans and Italian leather sofa chairs with an espresso finish, designer armchairs come in enough shapes and sizes to fit every room and every style. Bold and original, our designer chairs are completely unique and boast a multitude of colors.


The designer armchair, a decorative asset

A well-crafted designer armchair can be a genuinely decorative asset. Not only does it provide additional seating in any room, but it can be used as an incredible statement piece. From transforming your home office to complementing the furniture in your living room, the right designer chair will even draw the eye in an entryway or work as an accent, offsetting a neutral environment to perfection. It can also become part of your room furniture and highlight the elegance of a matching leather sofa or a walnut dresser in a subtle way, preventing the room from feeling overstuffed.

You can combine style with comfort by choosing a cozy armchair that is as pleasant to look at as it is to use. Our collections include sets of armchairs and sofas which can be featured together to match your furniture or, on the contrary, to mismatch your existing pieces according to your preference. If a designer armchair finds its place in the living room, it is also at home in the dining room, in the bedroom, or in any other area where you want to install a comfortable and stylish seat.

A beautiful armchair can even be positioned to section off a room and form a separate space dedicated to relaxation or reading, for example. When used to furnish large areas, it contributes to creating a pleasant environment to live in. A true decorative asset, the designer armchair can in turn become a transitional element, or a focal point whose very silhouette will give your home a completely unique character and style.


How to choose the right designer armchair for your home?

Picking out the perfect designer furniture for your home is, of course, a matter of personal taste. Yet, if you wish to create a harmonious aesthetic, your chair sets, bar carts, leather sofas, and even bookcases, curtains, cushions, throws, and other elements of your interior should play off each other to best convey the atmosphere that you love. The designer chair is a piece of furniture that can easily find its place in many rooms.

You may choose your model based on how you are most likely to use your armchair, and on the level of comfort you are looking for. If a designer armchair can serve as a statement piece, it is also important that both style and originality rime with comfort. The choice of furniture should also greatly depend on the size of the room, as a large lounger could easily overtake the entire space. Similarly, a dainty upholstered chair all by itself in an immense hall would certainly look out of place. The key is to find the model that will both stand out and blend in with the rest of your furniture, creating the perfect balance.

To brighten up your bedroom or living room, we suggest our Colette armchair. Created in collaboration with designer Cristina Celestino, it is available in various colors and draws inspiration from the relationship between inside and outside spaces, a concept Henri Matisse held dear. The rattan structure brings warmth and light to the room, thanks to its elegant touch, and helps to create an atmosphere of conviviality. This armchair may be combined with the Colette sofa, also inspired by Henri Matisse’s painting Intérieur aux aubergines (1911). The rattan structure is entirely handmade, and the fabrics that cover the seat cushions are made from natural threads and created using traditional jacquard looms. Lightweight and original, this type of high-quality designer armchair will add a pop of color to any room, lending its elegant shapes to contemporary or classic settings.

Having beautifully unique, handcrafted furniture is a wonderful way to turn your house or apartment into a home where you can thrive in an environment that is quintessentially your own. As a natural plant material, the rattan fits the needs and requirements of sustainable development. Perfectly recyclable, rattan is a plant that regenerates itself. Once again, Maison Matisse wanted to create the perfect piece of furniture that would be both respectful and timeless, allowing generations to pass each piece on to the next in a spirit of heritage.

We cater to a variety of styles by offering a diverse permanent selection, along with limited edition pieces by up-and-coming and well-established designers alike. From your living room chair or couch to your rugs, wallpaper and tableware, every little item has the potential to become part of your own collection.