Henri Matisse, Dessins : Thèmes et Variations, reproductions sur papier vélin pur fil, 28,6 x 21,6 cm, Paris, Martin Fabiani, 1943, exemplaire n°211, Série G © Succession H. Matisse

Dessins : Thèmes et Variations (1943)

Here is the book that inspired the Esquisses collection, from which Maison Matisse selected a specific series of black and white drawings, the G series, inspiring the entire range of furniture and textiles designed by Faye Toogood.


With its first objects created in a monochrome palette of black, white, and natural beiges, the Esquisses collection marks a new step for Maison Matisse. The refined colors of a drawing highlight the essential motifs, and evoke the fluidity and freedom that Henri Matisse was able to convey through the intuitive gesture of drawing simply in ink on paper.

Faye Toogood and Henri Matisse

Famous for her inventive and playful explorations of form and geometry in her creations, Toogood turns here to the purity of Henri Matisse and pays tribute in particular to the originality and spirit of freedom expressed in the artist's drawings.

Know-how of the Esquisses collection

By enlarging the forms she has drawn, Toogood creates powerful geometries softened by natural materials, faithful to the simplicity at the heart of Maison Matisse's values, and with carefully crafted finishes entrusted to the best Italian artisans.


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