5 words express what drives us, what guides our choices and our actions,
5 words link us to our origins and reflect the philosophy of Henri Matisse.


That of Henri Matisse, a gift that we wish to transmit today through our collections. Since our perception of the world is resolutely optimistic, we place generosity, joy, and sharing at the heart of all our creations. The objects we produce are designed by creators and craftsmen all driven by the love of beauty in a common desire for sustainability and excellence.

Painting : Henri Matisse, La Gerbe (1953), ceramic tiles on plaster, 274.32 x 396.24 cm, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, © H. Matisse Succession


That of work well done, with respect for know-how and its temporality. As it is precious and essential to design exceptional and durable objects in accordance with the highest artistic standards, we take the time necessary to conceive, select, and produce. This is where our meticulousness lies, in this chance of time regained.


This is what emanates spontaneously from the work of Henri Matisse and his life. Far removed from high-society sophistication and formatted universes, we choose to create objects that are distinguished by the calm evidence of their presence, their gentle poetry, and their simple beauty, and which are transmitted from generation to generation.


One must enter into a dialog with Matisse. One must marvel at his work in order to dare to interpret it and show what it reveals about the contemporary world. For either carte blanche projects or permanent collections, boldness animates creativity and challenges one's know-how by playing with fashion and conventions.


A taste for adventure, and trust in creative and cultural diversity. Our Maison promotes the collaborations, experiences, and inspirations of the designers as well as the craftsmen. We believe the imagination and intelligence found in working by hand expands the realm of possibilities, and makes the visionary spirit of Henri Matisse shine through contemporary objects.


Because the beauty of the world is precious, Maison Matisse is committed as a creator and as a brand, to produce a sustainable design, respectful of nature and people. 

By taking the time necessary to design, select, and produce, by valuing creativity and traditional handcrafted know-how, by reducing distances and production rates, Maison Matisse is committed to creating objects that consume less energy and are more respectful of nature and people