Louise blanket - terracotta/blue gray

Merino wool jacquard throw

Designer: Cristina Celestino

480 €

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Italian designer Cristina Celestino has created the Louise blue and terracotta Merino wool blanket in collaboration with Maison Matisse. The blue designer wool blanket is the final touch to any interior design. It has the power to combine style with comfort in your bedroom or living room. This blue Merino wool blanket is much more than an interior design accessory, it is a real ready-to-wear piece that can cover your shoulders like a shawl. 
Presented here in terracotta and blue gray, it is also available in three other color palettes: ochre/duck green, blue gray/ochre and duck green/burgundy.


Front side: terracotta middle, duck green and light blue gray edges
Back side: grayish light blue middle, terracotta and ochre edges
Dimensions (cm): L135 x H190
Materials: Jacquard fabric made from Merino wool (50%) and virgin wool (50%)
Made in Italy

Maintenance advice
Maison Matisse recommends professional cleaning should a visual stain appear. The Merino wool blanket does not require any particular care: at the end of winter, we recommend leaving it outdoors for a night to air out before leaving it in a cupboard in its original pouch until next season.
In stock, delivered within 3 to 7 days.

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Arts and materials

Constructed on jacquard looms, its weaves give it a two-tone double-sided appearance, and boasts the perfect balance between being warm and light. This extra fine designer blue wool blanket is made in Italy by one of the most innovative production facilities, a leader in Italian design that blends tradition with innovation. Its blue gray and terracotta colors could elegantly pair with the Septembre green vase.

Characterized by its fine and soft texture, Merino wool, originally from New Zealand, is easy to care for. Merino wool is a luxurious fiber that is three times finer than traditional wool and does not itch. It is a real high quality, eco-responsible, comfortable and healthy material as it is non-allergenic.


Designer Cristina Celestino was inspired by the color palette found on Henri Matisse's Intérieur aux Aubergines (1911) to create 4 two-tone wool blankets that complete her collection, created in collaboration with Maison Matisse. To design the wool blankets, Cristina Celestino took certain graphic elements found at the heart of Henri Matisse's work, for example the frame or the stitching. The Merino wool blanket is framed by flat patches of color that are superimposed onto one another to create a playful chromatic contrast while staying faithful to the tones used by the artist Henri Matisse. The edge is embellished with the characteristic festoon stitch in contrasting colors.

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Cristina Celestino

For the permanent collection Intérieur aux aubergines, Maison Matisse was inspired by Henri Matisse's eponymous painting from 1911 and collaborated with the Italian designer Cristina Celestino. This choice seemed self-evident. The designer’s world is perfectly adapted to that of the artist’s painting in this particularly decorative canvas where the planes deeply superimpose each other.

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Cristina Celestino