Variation plaid, ochre/pink

Designer: Maison Matisse Studio

390 €

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The Maison Matisse Studio has worked for the first time with textiles to deliver a personal interpretation of Henri Matisse's painting La Musique (1939) in the form of the Variation plaid.
A beloved accessory for warmth and conviviality, the plaid has found its place in many interiors, classic or contemporary, for our greatest pleasure.

Here, the plaid Variation proposes an emblematic shape of Henri Matisse's work, the philodendron leaf, to bring an organic and graphic touch to the wool and cotton fabric.

Placed on an armchair, a bed or worn around the shoulders like a shawl, it brings a joyful and creative atmosphere, full of colors.

Designed by Maison Matisse Studio, the Variation plaid is available in 4 color variations: green/black, red/pink, pink/ochre, blue/ochre.


Dimensions (in): L55,12 x H74,8 

Materials: Jacquard fabric 60% wool, 40% cotton 

Made for you in Italy

Maintenance advice
Maison Matisse recommends a professional wash in case of visible stains.
In stock, delivered within 3 to 7 days.

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Arts and materials

Woven on high-precision jacquard looms, the Variation plaid offers a two-tone, negative finish. Made by an Italian manufacturer whose specialty is this, it highlights a unique and ancestral know-how. 

Highly appreciated for its exceptional properties, such as ease of care and the fluidity of the fabric, jacquard is the perfect compromise between quality and weaving possibilities. 

Maison Matisse has chosen a combination of wool (60%) and cotton (40%) to give the fabric an ideal softness and thermal capacity. Thus, the plaid is not only placed on a seat, but can be worn by all, to accompany us in the cool of winter.


The Studio Maison Matisse was inspired by the philodendron leaf in the painting La Musique by Henri Matisse (1939), to decline it in the format of 4 plaids with colors taken from the palette of the work. This graphic element, dear to the painter, brings freshness to the fabric while respecting the codes of the painting.

Maison Matisse Studio

Maison Matisse launched its design studio in 2021, complementing regular invitations to established and emerging designers. The Studio, an in-house playground, is a place for research and development that emphasizes spontaneity and curiosity in the creative process. Young designers are encouraged to participate and propose new interpretations of Henri Matisse's work. 

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