Octave pitcher

In hand painted ceramic made in Italy

Designer: Marta Bakowski

1 200 €

Payment in 3 times without expenses from 250€ of purchase


The Octave pitcher is part of a series of earthenware table pieces designed by Marta Bakowski, in collaboration with Maison Matisse. 
Entirely hand painted, its use is multiple : although designed to hold both water and wine, our pitcher can also be used as a vase, according to on your desires. 
Its singular ornamental character and generous dimensions also allow it to be used as a decorative object in its own right, bringing character and color to your interior design. 


• Dimensions : Ø 21 cm, 25,4 with the handle | height : 37cm
• Materials: hand painted earthenware 
• Made for you, in Italy, in the region of Tuscany.

Maintenance advice
Hand wash with a mild soap and non-abrasive sponge, and then gently wipe with a lint-free cloth. Do not put in the dishwasher
In stock, delivered within 3 to 7 days.

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Arts and materials

Like Matisse's work, the Octave pitcher is meant to be a lasting piece: it should be cherished, kept, and passed on from generation to generation. This spirit of passing on family traditions is also found in the creation of this piece, which was entrusted to a family workshop located in Tuscany since 1921. The Octave pitcher is a true feat of craftsmanship made with ancestral know-how handed down through several generations, and which only a few craftsmen still possess today. Fired twice in order to protect the colors against the test of time, the whole decorative design is painted by hand. 

The Octave pitcher is the result of a union between a palette of bright colors and a matte enamel finish. While conducting her research, the designer asked herself the inevitable question: what material would most closely translate Matisse's artistic character? Indeed, each material carries with it its own connotations, and each material is intimately linked to its manufacturing process. Thus, the choice was naturally made to use noble materials such as ceramics to create the pieces for this collection.


Like all the pieces in the La Musique collection, the Octave pitcher is inspired by Henri Matisse's 1939 painting of the same name. Her motifs are an interpretation of the pictorial elements present in the painting. The generous curves and bright colors of the Octave pitcher unequivocally recall the shapes of the silhouettes present in the painting as well as the inspiration that Henri Matisse found in the south of France, in Nice.

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Henri Matisse, La Musique (1939), Albright-Knox Art Gallery - Buffalo (Etats-Unis) © Succession H. Matisse.

Marta Bakowski

Maison Matisse invited the young designer Marta Bakowski to create its first permanent collection inspired by the painting La Musique (1939). The Franco-Polish designer took the palette of colors and brilliantly reinterpreted the most representative themes of Henri Matisse's work, such as the philodendron leaf, the figure of the woman and music.

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