Puro Vase

Vase en céramique, moulé et peint à la main

Designer: Alessandro Mendini


The Sinuoso vase is the fruit of the collaboration between Italian designer Alessandro Mendini and Maison Matisse as part of a collection entitled "1869", which celebrates Henri Matisse’s 150th birthday.

Part of a series of 3 earthenware vases, the Sinuoso vase is one of the last pieces created by the designer, who was given carte blanche to pay tribute to the painter's work.

Limited series of 8 pieces + 4 artist's proofs.

Each piece is numbered and signed by the designer, Maison Matisse, and the craftsman.


Dimensions (in.) : H10.6 x W6.7 x D6.7
Materials: earthenware
Techniques used: casting, airbrushing
Manufacture: vase handcrafted by Alessio Sarri, in Italy

Maintenance advice
We recommend cleaning this product with a soft, slightly damp cloth. The use of abrasive products is not recommended. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may alter the color of the pieces.
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Arts and materials

The Puro vase, along with the Lucente and Sinuoso vases, was handmade by Alessio Sarri, a Florentine master craftsman. Graduating with a Fine Arts degree in the early 1970s, this ceramist attaches great importance to experimenting with and taming complex forms, which has made him an expert in his field. 

Alessandro Mendini and Maison Matisse naturally turned to him for the creation of three limited edition vases since he is highly appreciated by the younger generation of designers for his know-how and ability to transform each piece into a unique object.

Faience earthenware was the material selected to showcase the bright and colorful decorative glaze. Cast and demolded by hand to give the vase its unique and generous dimensions, the biscuit is then hand-finished by the craftsman.

The application of the colors represents a true feat of craftsmanship. Indeed, each color is fired in an alternation of painted areas and masked areas, thus preventing the colors from touching and mixing during the firing process. 

An initial three colors are applied, followed by three more, with the process repeating until a vase is obtained with unique shades that will stand the test of time.

Alessandro Mendini created an entire palette of eight colors (in addition to white and black) for Maison Matisse. Thus, each of the designer’s three vases uses 6 of the 8 colors developed according to Alessandro Mendini’s recommendations for this collection entitled "1869".


The result of the Italian designer's collaboration with Maison Matisse, the Puro vase is a tribute to the work of Henri Matisse, and one of his last creations. 

Meaning "pure" in Italian, designer and architect Alessandro Mendini used primary colors, which form the basis and are the origin of any painting, and pays homage to Henri Matisse, the colorful painter: 

"The complex chromatic system developed by Matisse over time prompted me to select the hues by analyzing the details in some of his work, so as to obtain a range of sun-inspired colors."

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Alessandro Mendini

Maison Matisse celebrated its launch in the year of Henri Matisse's 150th birthday, alongside Alessandro Mendini, founder of the radical group Alchimia, giving life to a unique style blending the languages of history, art and industrial series throughout his long and extraordinary career.

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Alessandro Mendini