Sinuoso Vase

Vase en céramique, moulé et peint à la main

Designer: Alessandro Mendini


The Sinuoso vase, designed by Alessandro Mendini, is part of a collection of 3 earthenware vases created to celebrate Henri Matisse's 150th birthday. Eight colors were developed in this collaboration between the Italian designer and Alessio Sarri in his Florence workshop. This earthenware vase is a feat of fine craftsmanship, the reflection of the Italian designer's absolute mastery of color. The bright hues are showcased by the matte black and white details.

Limited series of 8 pieces + 4 artist's proofs

Each piece is signed and numbered by the designer and Maison Matisse.


Dimensions (in.) : H19.7 x W11 x D9.5
Materials: earthenware
Techniques used: casting, airbrushing
Manufacture: handcrafted by Alessio Sarri, in Italy

Maintenance advice
We recommend cleaning this product with a soft, slightly damp cloth. The use of abrasive products is not recommended. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may alter the color of the pieces.
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Arts and materials

Alessandro Mendini and Maison Matisse selected master craftsman Alessio Sarri to create these three limited edition vases. 
Based in Florence since the 1970's, Alessio Sarri strives to create profoundly unique handcrafted pieces that resonate with their own particular vibrations. 

Representative of the ceramist's work, the Sinuoso earthenware vase is a feat of fine craftsmanship reflecting his perfect mastery of the colors selected by Alessandro Mendini.

The material selected was faience earthenware. Mixing a soft clay with a more porous clay, the earthenware used to create the Sinuoso vase is a light ceramic formed by casting. Once fired, it becomes a biscuit with a matte appearance. Firing at low temperature allows the material to be finally decorated with bright and colorful glazes.

Here, a palette of eight colors was developed entirely by Alessandro Mendini in collaboration with Maison Matisse, in addition to the existing white and black.

Each of the 3 vases in this series has its own shape with progressive dimensions, and features 6 of the 8 colors developed for the occasion. Fired separately with alternating shiny and opaque areas, the colors have a final finish in which the bright hues are showcased by matte black and white details. 

Eight kiln firings and thirty hours of work are necessary to make the Sinuoso vase. 


Inspired by the curvaceous figures in the Blouse Romaine paintings, Alessandro Mendini wrote the following about this vase: 

"to pay tribute to Matisse, I explored a complex, contorted and organic shape, as if it were conceptual foliage – a sort of memory of Liberty here and large silhouettes there taken from the structure and geometry of some of his paintings. ”

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Alessandro Mendini

Maison Matisse celebrated its launch in the year of Henri Matisse's 150th birthday, alongside Alessandro Mendini, founder of the radical group Alchimia, giving life to a unique style blending the languages of history, art and industrial series throughout his long and extraordinary career.

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Alessandro Mendini