Founded by the fourth generation of Henri Matisse's descendants, Maison Matisse wishes to perpetuate the painter's universe through unique collections created in collaboration with emerging and established international designers.

Each collection is thus designed to reinterpret one of the painter's works, and meticulously crafted by artisans with ancestral know-how.

In addition to sharing his world, Maison Matisse is deeply imbued with the artist's values and shares with him many of his great loves, which we reveal this month:

la musique

The colors

Destined for a career as a notary clerk, the young Henri Matisse was forced to rest following an illness. It was during his convalescence that he discovered his love for color and painting.

This love will never leave him, and will be the very force of his work, pushing him towards in-depth research on colors and their contrasts, carefully organizing them on the canvas as a musician organizes the notes of a score.

*Henri Matisse,La Musique (1939), Albright-Knox Art Gallery - Buffalo (Etats-Unis) © H. Matisse Succession.

"For me is was paradise found

a place where I was completely free, alone, quiet, tranquil, whereas I was always a little anxious, bored and worried in the different things that I was made to do". 

Henri Matisse

Maison Matisse shares this same love for color with the designers behind our collections.

Thus Marta Bakowski, who reinterpreted the masterpiece La Musique (1939) has created a complete collection of tableware inspired by the work's palette. The result of this collaboration are several dishes, plates and pitchers in ceramics, entirely handmade by one of the oldest artisanal manufacture in Italy.

Harmonie large serving bowl
Harmonie large serving bowl 1 450 €
Carré cup, red
Carré cup, red 55 €
Harmonie bottle
Harmonie bottle 980 €
Variations dessert plate
Variations dessert plate 140 €

The fabrics

Henri Matisse's love for materials, especially textiles, is a gift from his family heritage. Born into a family of weavers, on his father's side, he devoted his whole life to textiles and was largely inspired by them to create the decorations of many of his paintings, such as the very decorative Intérieur aux aubergines.

Throughout his life, the painter amassed an impressive collection of textiles from all over the world: French tapestries, Persian rugs and African wall hangings.

It is to pay tribute to this love that Maison Matisse has chosen to develop an entire range of textile pieces, from cushions to throws and wall tapestries, combining research, ancestral know-how and meticulousness.

Louise blanket - duck green/burgundy
Louise blanket - duck green/burgundy 480 €
Belle-épine cushion - Green
Belle-épine cushion - Green 690 €
Louise blanket - terracotta/blue gray
Louise blanket - terracotta/blue gray 480 €
Belle-épine rectangle cushion green
Belle-épine rectangle cushion green 280 €

The objet

Being an avid and fastidious collector, Henri Matisse gave a particular importance to objects and liked to make them play the leading roles in his pictorial scenes. All these pieces acquired over the years have been passed on to the different generations of the painter, and continue to bring his singular universe to life.

This spirit of transmission as well as the love of the object are the starting point of Maison Matisse, which wishes today to conceive pieces witnessing the philosophy of the painter, between sharing, optimism and generosity. The history of our decorative objets is thus written by several hands, by our designers and craftsmen, and will continue in your home, from generation to generation.

Dessert plate Nuance
Dessert plate Nuance 140 €
Cadence vase, green
Cadence vase, green 280 €
Autumn rectangular box
Autumn rectangular box 190 €
Piccolo candle holder, green
Piccolo candle holder, green 90 €

"My goal is to convey my emotion

This state of mind is created by the objects that surround me and which react within me.

Henri Matisse