Behind the model : Hélène Mercier

In order to keep celebrating the universe of Henri Matisse, Maison Matisse was pleased to open its doors to the woman who was one of the painter's models in the 1930s : Hélène Mercier (born Galitzine).

In the form of a dialogue, Claudine Grammont, director of the Matisse Museum of Nice, and David Brunat, author of the novel Une Princesse modèle (Héloise d'Ormesson Editions) retraced together the formidable adventure of Hélène, a determined, proud and courageous woman, who had to deal with the torments of her century. 

And what a nice way to celebrate her in our Parisian showroom on the Rue du Bac, surrounded by pieces inspired by the painting La Musique of Henri Matisse (1939), on which she appears. Painting being the source of inspiration of our collection of the same name, imagined in collaboration with designer Marta Bakowski. 

Many thanks to Claudine Grammont and David Brunat without whom this event could not have taken place, to the Matisse Museum of Nice for their work on preparatory researchs, as well as the Héloïse d'Ormesson Editions for their help in the realization of this talk.

See you soon,

© video by Chloé Bruhat