The art of harmonizing ornemental and contemporary

A warm decor

The Milanese restaurant Anchor has lent itself to the game of wallpaper, using our textile wallpaper Été-Indien in careful touches.  Part of the Intérieur aux aubergines collection, it was imagined in collaboration with the Italian designer Cristina Celestino, and features textural effects through its graphic and organic patterns.

Considered for a long time as a must-have in decorating trends, the wallpaper coats the walls of our interiors with elegance and cheerfulness. 

Always more inspired, it is a real decorative element and allows everyone to create their own atmosphere.

The ornamental as well as contemporary character of the Été-Indien wallpaper allowed architect Giorgia De Castro to bring a special warmth to the restaurant's walls while varying uses. Sometimes lined on the entire wall, it is also laid in panel decorative to give depth to the few storage units present. 


Here presented in shades of green, red and blue, it comes in a second color range.

The Maison Matisse tip

Dare to use patterns! More trendy than ever, they allow you to give character to your walls by adorning them with the most beautiful wallpaper

Placed behind a console, they are enough to make the whole thing charming without overdoing it.

For the rest, it's up to you: put it on a single wall like a painting or as an all-over to create a cocooned feeling in the room.

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