Natural light

Whether by its shape, its color, or its fragrance, the contemporary candle has been reinvented, reinterpreted in diverse forms, and associated with other objects to create the most creative graphic combinations!

Far from the white wax candle of our ancestors, candles today find their inspiration in figurative forms, sometimes abstract, and become true decorative objects.

Displayed alone or arranged with other candles to create a colorful ensemble, this art explores materials and media, and illuminates our interiors with a brighter flame than ever.

The candles of Maison Matisse

We have designed for you a set of candles with simple and pure shapes cast in natural wax, molded and colored throughout using natural pigments, and with unique natural fragrances. Unlike industrially made candles, they retain a satin aspect typical of artisanal wax, which allows them to burn slowly for your full enjoyment.

The Carré and Portée candles, inspired by the shapes and colors of Henri Matisse's painting La Musique (1939), are made entirely by hand by one of the last master candlemakers in France.

Casting, molding, and straightening of the wicks are just a few of the many skills which represent the know-how transmitted from master to master.

Several steps are required to make them, starting with the creation of a silicone mold in the shape of the candle. The wax is then melted at a precise temperature, which is determined after numerous tests to find the ideal temperature for the shape and colorings used for each candle. Natural perfumes are then added, meticulously selected by our master candlemaker in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world. The candle poured directly into the mold will cool for half a day before being removed and finished by hand.

The wick is made of two natural fibers: linen to preserve the flame, and cotton to allow for an ideal burn and the optimal release of the fragrances. The dyes are custom-made from natural pigments from the city of Avignon.

Recognized French know-how

We have chosen to work with one of the last French creators of handmade candles, who possessesthe rare and coveted diploma of Master Candlemaker.

Located on the French Riviera, a fertile land for craftwork for generations, our master candlemaker is an expert in myriad candlemaking techniques using paraffin and 100% natural plant-based waxes.

With one of the last entirely manual candle carousels, he ensures that this unique know-how is passed on from master to master. Indeed, the manual molding technique prevents air from entering the candle, thus providing a slow burn and a candle that does not drip. Another testament to the unique character of his creations, our master craftsman has been distinguished by the "Métiers d'Art” (applied arts) label, which conveys the creativity and the authentic "Made in France" know-how developed over the centuries. By entrusting him with the creation of our candles, we wish above all to support these crafts par excellence, whose contribution to our cultural heritage must be supported and protected. As professions arising from a passion for the material and the messages it can transmit, the Métiers d'Art label strives to enthusiastically provide publicity about activities sometimes unknown to the public.







Our advice

The first burn is important, as it allows the wax to be distributed evenly over the entire surface of the candle, thus ensuring an optimal release of the fragrances.

Once the candle is burning, it is advisable to check that the entire top layer of wax is perfectly liquid: this guarantees a uniform burn.

Be careful not to place the candle in a drafty area, as this can cause the wick to burn unevenly and consume the candle more quickly. We also recommend you cut the wick between 0,5 cm and 1 cm from the surface so that the candle burns more efficiently the next time it is lit, and to ensure that it is always well centered. To do this, feel free to use pliers to reposition it when the wax is cold.

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Lot of two Carré candles almond/cotton scent, natural
Lot of two Carré candles almond/cotton scent, natural
Lot of two Carré candles santal scent, black
Lot of two Carré candles santal scent, black