Creativity according to Adeline Hemonnot

Can you introduce yourself ?

I am an interior designer and I work on renovation projects in Paris and elsewhere. I like the idea of giving a new life to a place and writing a new page of its history without forgetting the old one. I was trained at the Boulle school which gave me a great attraction for collaborations with art craftsmen. I particularly thrive in colorful and joyful worlds.

What does creativity mean for you

How does it transpire into your work ?

When I visit a new place, a whole universe is set up. I imagine the space transformed with its color, its light and the rest comes afterwards. It's as if it already had its own state of mind, it's quite instinctive. Tracks germinate and I translate them on paper by sketches to have a better perception. The drawing allows me to keep the ones I consider the best to develop them on the project. It is also a very good tool to discuss an idea and improve it.

Interview Adeline Hemonnot

How do you stay creative ? How do you nourish your creativity ?

I like to be inspired by fictional worlds and past fashions. Interpretation is at the heart of my process. For example, I isolate a motif and turn it into a shape. What is done in the textile industry - the cuts, the colors - nourishes me particularly. Meetings with artists or craftsmen always give me new ideas for my next project. I keep my eye open and my mind free.


You have just created the first Maison Matisse boutique, how did you approach this project? What inspired you?

The main sources of inspiration are of course the world of Maison Matisse and the paintings of Henri Matisse. I also used the particularities of the place: the brick wall, the very symmetrical plan and the Parisian façade. I started with the design of the furniture whose flexible forms are a game with space. For example, the shelf undulates and the plaids are suspended. Then the yellow ceiling imposed itself as a mirror to the optimism and warmth of the collections. I relied on wood and ceramics because their materiality enhances the products and allows a great freedom of realization.

L'interview d'Adeline Hemonnot

What were the most important challenges in creating this boutique?

Bringing together the two collections, La Musique and Intérieur aux aubergines, was a real challenge. They are superb and very different. You can feel the style and the colorful range of each designer. They had to respond to each other in harmony. Another challenge was to extract elements from these strong universes and design a place that is inspired by them without being literal or anecdotal.

What materials do you prefer to work with / What are your favorite materials for your creations?

Wood, mosaic and fabrics attract me a lot. The range of renderings of these materials is infinitely varied. A bookcase or a carpet can transform a space, it's very exciting. I like the detail, the multiplicity of what can be imagined from these materials to make a place cheerful and alive.

Which Maison Matisse piece evokes creativity for you the most / Which is your favorite piece?

Creativity is at the heart of every Maison Matisse creation. I feel that each piece is the fruit of fantasy; that it conveys a kind of carefree and joyful poetry. The Octave pitcher with its very vivid colors is very appealing to me because it seems like it could come alive. The Belle-Epine green wallpaper also attracts me a lot. It is mysterious and enchanting.

Adeline's favorites



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