Creativity according to Margaux de Fouchier

Can you present yourself ?

Hello ! My name is Margaux de Fouchier, I'm 30 years old, I'm Franco-American and I've always been a Parisian. Very curious and passionate, I feel like I've already had several lives... Singer with a first album called "Instantanés" (in reference to the photo!) in French released by Universal, then a second project in English, self-produced, and soon a new album of disco hits covers in bossa nova version, called "Disconova", of which three tracks are already released... This after (and during!) photography studies. Then life led me to take an essential break to enjoy and take care of my family. Vestiaire Collective came looking for me to become their Head of Social, which I was for 2 and a half years, and then I started my own consulting firm in branding and digital communication. I also collaborate with many brands in the world of design, luxury and lifestyle through my instagram account, my website and my newsletter.

How do you define creativity ?

Camus said "to create is to live twice". It is to be open, attentive, curious, passionate, and to feed on what surrounds us, moves us, to express it, to share it. It is to vibrate, to love, to learn.

How does creativity transpire in your work ?

I think that the sensitivity I inherited gives me the need to express myself in one way or another, and in a very spontaneous way. It is expressed today especially through the look I have around me, through photography, words, singing but also everything that inspires me, which represents the almost vital need to get out what I have in my head, pushes me, inspires me, fascinates me... and so on. I think that it is also translated in the fact that nothing prevents me from evolving in different universes which can very well complement each other, feed each other, allow an opening... I think that it is thanks to that that my creativity is nourished, or that my creativity nourishes this opening, it certainly depends on the day! 

Interview Margaux De Fouchier

How do you stay creative ? How do you nourish your creativity ?

I can really be inspired by "nothing" as long as it touches me, resonates with me, challenges me. Even in what I don't like; it's like making mistakes, it's a learning experience. What inspires me every day is a light, a color scheme, materials, a story, even a word... But I have also learned to accept that I am not creative every day. Not to blame myself if I'm not inspired, if I can't write, if I can't photograph. I think that the creative mind needs to rest as much as it needs to be stimulated. I am also obviously very inspired by the work of many people I discover through social networks, who inspire me by their originality, delicacy, mastery of light, sensitivity... Of course, subtlety and poetry are subjective but that's what moves me the most.

You've been with Maison Matisse since the beginning, how do you feel about this collaboration? 

With obviously a lot of pleasure and curiosity which are essential for me on a daily basis. But also with a lot of pride to be able to be in the "heart" of a project carried by the family of Henri Matisse whose work I have always admired. I continue to learn every day, and to be challenged on the best way to communicate to highlight this universe with humility and joy.

L'interview de Margaux de Fouchier

Has it evolved over time?

We're still evolving, right ?

Which piece of Maison Matisse evokes creativity for you the most? What is your favorite piece? 

From the start, I fell in love with the Octave jug designed by Marta Bakowski, which uses the leaf motif so dear to Matisse, with shapes that I find very feminine, generous. But it's quite difficult to choose! I find all the pieces bright, joyful, original... absolutely creative!

What are your projects at the moment ?

After " Stayin' Alive ", and " Heart of Glass ", I have just released a new cover : " Could it be Magic " but version... Bossa Nova ! The release of the album 'Disconova' is planned for the spring. Otherwise I continue my work as a consultant in digital communication, I hired my first employee at the beginning of the year... Which is not insignificant for me because I would never have imagined doing it not even a year ago! I'm also in the process of writing a book, and I have many great collaborations coming up... I'm very busy in different worlds, and even if it's sometimes difficult to never "cut" and juggle between subjects, it's also extremely exciting and fulfilling. I love being able to combine and mix my different projects, which always feed and answer each other in one way or another.


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