Carré cup, green

Designer: Maison Matisse Studio

45 €

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The La Musique collection, initially developed in collaboration with designer Marta Bakowski, offers a range of ceramic tableware. Maison Matisse continues the history of this collection with its Studio, completing it with new pieces of which the Carré cup is a part.

During a lunch, a dinner or simply a coffee with friends, the table and the objects on it are the center of attention, like full members of our discussions. The pieces of tableware therefore have a considerable importance in the general atmosphere, becoming actors of our scenographies.

With its singular shape and the finishes that are brought to it, the Carré cup is a piece of choice. Whether it is a water glass, a cocktail glass or a coffee cup, it can take on any function you wish, according to your desires, while bringing a decorative and colorful touch to your table.

Available in a range of 6 colors inspired by Henri Matisse's painting La Musique (1939), the Carré cup offers you the possibility to create an assortment to your image.

Combined with our bottles or our dessert plates, it allows the creation of a complete service with a unique and joyful look.


Dimensions (cm) : Ø8;L8
Materials : ceramic
Created for you, in Italiy

Maintenance advice
Clean with a soft, slightly damp cloth. The use of abrasive products is strongly discouraged. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may alter the color of the parts.
Delivery from November 8th

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Arts and materials

The production of the Carré cup is carried out exclusively in Italy in a traditional factory. After creating a mold from our design, the piece of earthenware is poured and then removed from the mold by hand. The squared pattern is created in this mold as a guide for the craftsman. The piece is then painted, and it is by hand, piece by piece, that the craftsman draws the square pattern with a metal point. After a first firing, a matte varnish is added on the outside of the cup giving it this raw aspect and reinforcing the matte and shiny contrast of each cup. Each color has been developed exclusively for our La Musique collection.


Designed by the Maison Matisse studio, the Carré cup has a family resemblance with the other ceramics in the La Musique collection designed by Marta Bakowski. Always inspired by the eponymous work of Henri Matisse, painted in 1939, it is inspired by the lines painted by the artist on the tapestry in the painting. As for the colors, they are directly inspired by the palette and are perfectly coordinated with our dessert plates.

Maison Matisse Studio

Maison Matisse launched its design studio in 2021, complementing regular invitations to established and emerging designers. The Studio, an in-house playground, is a place for research and development that emphasizes spontaneity and curiosity in the creative process. Young designers are encouraged to participate and propose new interpretations of Henri Matisse's work. 

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